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oatmeal bar and cafe serving up a modern oatmeal experience


Samantha Stephens


$500,000 for 20%


$500,000 for 33.3%


Lori Greiner



Company Background

What is OatMeals NY?

If you could imagine eating this typical breakfast food for lunch as well as dinner, then you’ll love Oatmeals, a trendy restaurant in New York. Just about every conceivable dish is on offer, with creative recipes making use of oatmeal ingredients. With over 30 sweet, savory and, pastry dishes on their menu, it’s ideal for the health-conscious or those looking for a unique culinary experience.

Who Owns OatMeals NY?

Samantha Stephens is the founder and head chef of Oatmeals NY. Originally from Virginia, she moved to the Big Apple to pursue her college education. After graduation, Samantha started a career in investment banking but felt that she was still missing her true calling. She then began attending lectures at New York University and The International Culinary Center and qualified as a pastry chef in 2010 — all while still working full time. She also guest speaks on female entrepreneurship when possible.

Founder’s Story

Living in New York on a student’s budget meant that Samantha often found herself eating oats for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This lead to her creating some unusual and often tasty concoctions to add variety to her diet. By taking inspiration from New York’s trendy restaurant scene and with her approach to healthy living, an idea for a restaurant focused primarily on oats-based meals started to take shape in her head.

So she set down the path to get suitably qualified and opened her restaurant in New York in mid-2012. Fast forward six years and the restaurant had generated $2.5 million in sales, along with the additional money she made being a spokesperson for Quaker Oats. And so, she started looking for investors to help scale the business and brand, by producing OatMeals products that can be sold to grocery stores across the country.

What Happened to OatMeals After Shark Tank Update

Is OatMeals Still in Business?

Due to the ongoing effects on the food and service industry, COVID restrictions forced Samantha to close Oatmeals restaurant indefinitely in early 2021. Despite the setback, Samantha hasn’t given up. She still sells Oatmeals products online and works as a brand ambassador with Quaker Oats, focused primarily on writing blogs and recipe books using their products.

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16 thoughts on “OatMeals NY: Oatmeal Cafe”

  1. She made the wrong choice and didn’t make it. The business folded in 2021 during COVID like so many other businesses.

  2. Mark had not even said if he was in or out. Mark should’ve taken her under his wing and promoted the business online where consumers could’ve designed their oatmeal on the app/website and then get it delivered at their home. A D2C model would’ve been way better.

    Something else she could’ve done is bring Mark and Barbara in together and make it a cart-business along with D2C home delivery. This would’ve been the best offer hands down.

  3. Sher heard Starbucks and all reason went out the door. Even with the other Sharks telling her why Barbara’s deal was the better one.

  4. Barbara’s deal was far better. Starbucks was already selling oatmeal in their stores. Starbucks is hyper margin driven. Why would they ever give up margin to an unknown brand for a category that they already have filled? Lori led this woman on a bum deal!!!

  5. Just saw this episode and we kept yelling at the TV to TAKE BARBARA’S OFFER! But, she didn’t hear us, and now…

  6. The smart deal was Barbara’s deal. It wasn’t contingent on anything. Food truck sales happen all over nyc, I live here I see it all the time. She would’ve made a killing with trucks all over and franchising as opposed to taking the get rich quick contingency route of hoping to land Starbucks and look at her now. Stuck in her 350 square foot space in Greenwich village with no End game in site. Should’ve listened to barbara


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