Nuchas: Argentine Empanadas

PitchArgentine-style empanadas in a variety of flavors
EntrepreneurAriel Barbouth
Asked For $2 million for 8%

Company Background

What is Nuchas?

Nuchas is a company specializing in empanadas as a portable food product. Their raw materials are handcrafted from reputable sources and sourced from regions that have a proven reputation for quality. Produced and designed in the United States, but inspired abroad. Nuchas offers empanada flavors like beef, chicken, or sausage.

Who Owns Nuchas?

The owner of Nuchas is Ariel Barbouth. He earned an M.S. degree in Technology and Innovation from Boston University. Ariel Barbouth grew up in America after being born in Argentina. Barbouth developed an interest in empanadas during a home visit. Afterward, he founded Nuchas. The company is still thriving today.

Founder’s Story

Nuchas was founded by Ariel Barbouth in 2009. Barbouth started with a small kiosk in Times Square, New York City, with the help of his wife. Nuchas’ efforts were furthered through the investment of food trucks and pushcarts. Since empanadas were expected to become a more mainstream food, the goal to bring the food to more people was achieved. It was the “easy, handheld” nature of empanadas that made them appealing to shoppers. Before long, Nuchas had gained the hearts of food critics. Several of their achievements can be attributed to the awards they won. Nuchas has won the People’s Choice Award in 2013 and the Rookie of the Year Vendy in 2013 and the People’s Taste Award in 2014 and the Best New York Food Truck in New York vs. Boston.

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