(The Canope) Nubrella Shark Tank Update: Hands Free Umbrella

Pitch hands-free umbrella and windbreaker system
EntrepreneurAlan Kaufman
Asked For$200,000 for 25%
Deal $200,000 for 51%
SharkKevin Harrington and Daymond John
StatusIn Business

Company Background


What is Nubrella?

Nubrella is a backpack style, hands-free umbrella and weather protection system design for use in rain or shine. Its non-invertible canopy maintains its shape during the strong winds while its SPF-50 lining completely blocks out heat and radiation from the sun.

Who Owns Nubrella?

Alan Kaufman is the founder and inventor of Nubrella. Today, Alan remains the sole owner and principal of the company, now rebranded as The Canope.

Founder’s Story: How Did Nubrella Start?

Nubrella was founded on a rainy, New York City day in 2002 after founder, Alan Kaufman, took notice of all the people struggling to keep their umbrellas in hand while juggling strollers, phones and other things. That’s when Alan had his eureka moment. Alan envisioned a weather protection device that could be worn rather than held. After several sketches and several cups of coffee later, Nubrella was born.

Nubrella Shark Tank Update


Did Nubrella Get a Deal on Shark Tank?

Alan entered the Shark Tank in Season 1 Episode 14 and left with a $200,000 deal from Daymond John and Kevin Harrington for 51% ownership of Nubrella. However, the deal did not close due to disagreements between Alan and the Sharks.

Since his appearance on Shark Tank, Alan has released several statements claiming that the show is “pre-scripted”, “fabricated”, “a lie” and has ruined his business by showing outdated reruns of his product.

Nubrella Takes Shark Tank to Court

So what happened? According to Alan, he didn’t get a single penny from Daymond nor Kevin from the original deal. Alan sued and received a settlement for $20,000, but the lawsuits didn’t end there.

He filed a 2nd lawsuit against the producers of Shark Tank, ABC and Sony Pictures Television, claiming a breach of fiduciary duty for not revealing to viewers that his follow-up episode was “fabricated”, and negligence for continuing to air outdated re-runs.

After the settlement from the first lawsuit, producers asked him back to shoot a follow-up episode.

In his statement, Alan said that producers had instructed Daymond to find a distribution partner to make audiences believe the investment was moving forward, but in reality the partnering company, Sharper Image, had recently gone bankrupt.

Alan was also not aware of the producer’s plan to resell reruns to various TV networks at home and abroad.

According to Alan, the re-runs have hampered his ability to find new partners as they assume Nubrella is still partnered with the bankrupt Sharper Image and want nothing to do with either.

Unfortunately for Alan, the court sided with the producers and the lawsuit was dropped.

Around this time, Alan took Nubrella to crowdfunding platform, Indiegogo. The campaign was a flop and closed after reaching only 9% of its goal.

More Trouble for Nubrella in 2020

A story was recently released to Medium by Alan’s former web developer that portrayed the business relationship with Alan in a negative light. The Nubrella founder allegedly paid the web developer half of the web development costs up front, and disappeared once the project was finished.

After conversations with the web developer, Alan allegedly lamented that the genius of his product went unappreciated for all these years because of the bad press it received from its association with Shark Tank.

Is Nubrella Still In Business?

Nubrella has weathered a number of storms over its 15+ years but still remains in business today, through the perseverance of its founder, Alan Kaufman. In 2020, the company went through a rebranding and is now called The Canope.

The hands-free, backpack umbrella is currently unavailable on Amazon but can be found on the company’s website.

Nubrella (The Canope) Competitors

Despite its one of a kind design, the Nubrella still faces competition from the umbrella, which it hopes to replace.

There is also the umbrella hat which also offers a hands-free experience at a more affordable price.

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