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Pitch fake plastic phone fighting smartphone addiction
Entrepreneur Chris Sheldon, Van Gould, Ingmar Larsen and Ben Langeveld
Asked For$25,000 for 25%
DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
StatusIn Business

The NoPhone is a lightweight, technology-less phone representing the next big innovation in mobile technology. Made from the most durable plastic, the hacker-resistant, water-proof NoPhone, with its never-dying battery, is perfect for every mobile-phile. Its blackout, 0 Megapixel camera and featureless interface provide a blank canvas for your imagination to take flight. At $14.99, the NoPhone is the most affordable phone you’ll find in today’s market.

The NoPhone was created in 2014 by Van Gould, Chris Sheldon, Ingmar Larsen and Ben Langeveld as a solution to the growing problem that is smartphone addiction. Numerous studies have been conducted that discuss the reality of smartphone addiction and its consequences on mental health – particularly for young, growing minds. One such study revealed that nearly a quarter of young people have “problematic smartphone usage” that is consistent with addiction.

With their revolutionary solution to smartphone addiction, the NoPhone founders took their idea to Kickstarter where they greatly surpassed their campaign goal of $5000 when they raised over $18,000 from 915 backers.

In 2016, the NoPhone team appeared in Season 7 Episode 23 of Shark Tank to pitch the new mobile technology. Although they failed to reach a deal with the Sharks, they successfully gained thousands of new customers and fans.

NoPhone After Shark Tank – Where Are They Now?

Despite not receiving a deal, sales of NoPhones peaked for a while. Within the next couple of years, the gimmick wore off and sales began to decline drastically.

As of 2020, although the co-founders have moved onto various other projects, the NoPhone site remain up, active, and available for those in need.

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