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immersion circulator for sous vide cooking


Lisa Fetterman and Abe Fetterman


$250,000 for 5%


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Sous vide cooking uses a precise, low-temperature water bath to cook vacuum-sealed food. It’s what top chef’s worldwide use to conveniently create consistently cooked dishes.

Generally these machines were only accessible to kitchens and cost thousands – far beyond what the average home chef could afford.

In 2012, Lisa and Abe Fetterman teamed up to create a DIY, home Sous vide machine.

The aspiring chef and astrophysicist duo began teaching sous vide DIY classes before eventually starting launching Nomiku and the Sous Vide Immersion Circulator.

Nomiku Sous Vide Immersion Circulator

Now, cooking a perfect meal was as simple as clipping the Nomiku to the side of a pot of water, and placing the vacuum-sealed bag of food inside to cook.

They eventually took their idea to Kickstarter where they quickly surpassed their goal of $200,000 with over $586,000 pledged by 1,880 backers. But even with their massive success, it would be another two years before backers received their devices.

Their success attracted the attention of various investors. Before long the company had raised $875,000 in a seed round and an additional $2 million in 2015 bringing its valuation to $10 million.

By the time they entered the tank, Nomiku had made over $3 million in sales. They were a well-established business with a group of dedicated investors behind them.


It appears the deal with Chris Sacca was never finalized but the publicity from the show more than helped boost Nomiku’s sales for some time.

Nomiku later released a version of their Sous vide immersion circulator which included Wi-fi functionality and an app with dozens of Sous vide recipes.

Nomiku has also been working on the third generation of their Sous Vide as well as their Sous Vide Chef services.

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A look through Nomiku’s reviews on Kickstarter and elsewhere, reveal mixed results. Some Kickstarter backers report that they never received the product. Even still, they managed to raise another $750,000 in a second Kickstarter for their Wifi Nomiku.

Some customers were once again left high and dry with defective units or nothing at all. While others felt the Wifi was an unneccessary feature that only added to the cost of an already expensive product.


Nomiku’s presence on the Sous vide scene has since declined as customers turn to more reliable options like the: 1. Anova Culinary A2.2-120V-US Sous Vide Precision Cooker Bluetooth, Immersion Circulator, 800 Watts, Black The Anova stands as the best-selling sous vide device with nearly 4000 reviews and a 4.2-star rating. The Anova is easy to use and simple to clean.

2. ChefSteps Joule Sous Vide, 1100 Watts, All White

With over 1000 reviews and a 4.4-star rating, the Joule has quickly become a sous vide favorite. The Joule is both compact and powerful and comes in white or stainless steel.

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