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NOHBO Shark Tank Update: What Happened After Shark Tank?



single use, no packaging, shampoo balls and other personal care items


Benjamin Stern


$100,000 for 25%


$100,000 for 25%


Mark Cuban



Company Background

What is NOHBO?

NOHBO is a company that is dedicated to reducing plastic pollution and saving countless birds and turtles in the process by ridding the world of unnecessary plastic.

It specializes in developing and commercializing biodegradable plastic products that dissolve without leaving unhealthy traces that could hurt our planet’s wildlife or contaminate the food and water that we consume.

Who Founded NOHBO?

NOHBO is the creation of Ben Stern. An environmentally conscious entrepreneur, Ben’s passion for protecting the planet stretches as far back as his high school days when he first gained awareness about the plight of the environment and obtained a particular affinity for the oceans. Ben recognized that there could be a way for people to use their everyday cosmetics and other products without having to discard destructive longlasting containers or use harmful microplastics if he created products that disintegrated after use. He now manages a team of cosmetics and personal care experts to see that goal come to fruition.

Founder’s Story

Ben began NOHBO as a passion project after seeing a video about the effects and amounts of plastic waste in our oceans. He was astounded to learn that there were literally mountains of plastic refuse in landfills and uncharted “islands” composed of nothing but plastic bottles and other waste floating in the oceans. This discovery made him realize that reducing, reusing, and recycling was simply not enough and his quest to find an alternative to recyclable plastic began. As a result, he founded NOHBO with the goal of creating biodegradable products.

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