No Fly Cone

PitchNon toxic cone shaped fly trap that sits on top of dog piles and catches flies on the inside so that you dont have to see them
EntrepreneurBruce Gaither
Asked For$25,000 for 15%

Company Background

What is No Fly Cone?

The No Fly Cone was designed to replace the common fly trap. Two of the differences between the traditional fly trap strips and the No Fly Cone are that the cone keeps the trapped (dead) flies out of sight, and the attractant of the Cone is dog excrement.

Who Owns No Fly Cone?

Bruce Gaithers is the owner, founder, and CEO of No Fly Cone. Prior to his appearance on Shark Tank, Bruce was a professional poker player for thirty years. He retired from poker in order to be a full-time dad, but eventually began work training others how to ride a horse.

Founder’s Story

According to Bruce, he was inspired to design the No Fly Cone during his time as a horse trainer. He had been spending a great deal of time in his barn, and couldn’t help but notice the large amount of flies. He quickly realized that they were drawn to the horse and dog excrement.

Gaithers then decided it was time to design a better fly trap—one that was not filled with harsh chemicals, but used a more natural approach.

Instead of luring flies to a sticky chemical strip, he would wait for a fresh pile of dog excrement and place the cone over it and then they would stick to the inside of the cone. He also claimed that the cone could trap gnats and mosquitoes in addition to flies.

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