Naturally Perfect Dolls Update

Daymond Season 8



a line of dolls encouraging self-acceptance and diversity


Angelica Sweeting and Jason Sweeting


$200,000 for 20%


$200,000 for 30%


Daymond John

What is Naturally Perfect Dolls?

Naturally Perfect Dolls is a line of dolls with facial features and hair true to women of color to encourage self-acceptance and diversity.

Naturally Perfect Dolls History

Naturally Perfect Dolls began in 2015 when co-founder Angelica Sweeting realized her daughter was not happy with her appearance and wished to look more like the dolls she played with.

They developed the Angelica Doll to create a new standard of beauty for her daughter and other little girls like her.

By the summer of 2015, Naturally Perfect Dolls had successfully raised over $84,000 with 1300+ backers on Kickstarter.

Naturally Perfect Dolls Reviews

Reviews were very positive from customers who had received their dolls.

But the company had suffered from manufacturing and fulfillment issues that ultimately damaged their reputation and relationship with customers.

The company’s Facebook page features a long list of negative reviews from angry customers who’ve yet to receive their products.

Naturally Perfect Dolls After Shark Tank – Where Are They Now?

The deal with Daymond John didn’t close but the with their appearance on Shark Tank, the line of self-acceptance dolls became an instant hit and their inventory of dolls quickly sold out within days.

But the company was later forced to shut down its website as it underwent rebranding and changes to the company name due to trademark issues.


After failing to getting the Naturally Perfect Dolls back up and in good standing, the Sweetings turned their attention to a new cause.

The Sweetings initiated a new crowdfunding campaign for a line of collectible, STEM toys for girls of different ethnicities based on the elements of the periodic table.

In a Youtube video message to followers, the Sweetings discussed the reason behind their new project. The company had received numerous emails from people who felt that an African-American focused brand was inappropriate.

In response, they created the “Epic Ellements”. Unfortunately, the crowdfunding campaign for the new line of diverse dolls did not reach its goal and was cancelled.

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