Naturally Perfect Dolls



a line of dolls encouraging self-acceptance and diversity


Angelica Sweeting and Jason Sweeting


$200,000 for 20%


$200,000 for 30%


Daymond John



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  1. The rewards program has been amazing! I have an additional tip: When friends/family buy AG for your daughter, have them use your account- this racks up the points. We landed in BERRY (top tier) due to this. As a result: 1) daughter got bday and Christmas gift from AG, VIP party with just a few girls (hors d’ oeuvres, fancy mocktail, wine/champagne for adults, swag bags with miniature dolls and awesome AG mugs)- they shut the whole store down and treated the girls like true VIP’s), won an AG doll of her choice…we have seriously gotten at least $200 extra items via being Berry members….it’s highly worth it. And you don’t have to spend all the money to get there when you shop DOUBLE POINTS days and when generous family /friends use your account. Hope those tips help! Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays ?

  2. Extremely sad if it’s true these folks were scammers, I know MANY people of various backgrounds who’d have bought several of these. I pray someone will pick up the original doll idea and carry it forward in a positive and worth while way. Thanks for the heads up here. Sad shame indeed.

  3. Brains and Beauty Dolls should be added to that list. Reputable and my doll was ordered and delivered with no issue.

  4. This piece is very informative, however, you’ve missed mentioning the largest multicultural doll company. The World of EPI. The owner an African American woman, Dr. Lisa, has created two doll lines: The Fresh Dolls ( and Positively Perfect (@PostivelyPerfectDolls). Please note more information can be found at

  5. It is August 2018 and I am still waiting on a delivery from a October order. I am so disappointed – I reached out several times. I asked how can you be launching more items when you have failed to deliver the 1st – This was the response:

    First, thank you for your feedback. A customer service representative forwarded me your email and I wanted to answer and clarify some of these points personally.

    It is possible to have two completely different lines of dolls with different production and shipping dates. We recently switched manufacturers for our 18inch line and I’m excited that we are finically able to provide our 18inch doll line a more affordable price point for pre sale customers. Most customers received a $30-40 discount.

    Some of our past customers have been waiting on a new collection with a low price point. There isn’t a reason to delay with getting started. As you know, we have some customers interested in the 18 inch dolls and some interested in the new collection. One does not effect the other.

    Our company started on Kickstarter and we love to launch new products from there. To clarify, no emails will lead to a Kickstarter page yet. The Kickstarter has not launched, it launches on Feb 21, 2018.

    After clicking the link in the email you referenced, you should have been automatically set a follow up email. The follow up email contains instructions on how to enter our give away.

    On December 2, 2017 – we sent all pre order customers a email titled “the preview the have been waiting on.”
    That email included a video preview of the new collection.

    I believe I answered all questions. As always, thank you for your feedback. Please let us know if you need further clarification!

    Thank you!


    later a email stating :
    Good News: Our manufacturer has retuned from Chinese New Year and they are starting back production to complete the dolls!

    This is our very first production run with this new manufacturer. We appreciate your patience and support as they solve a few issues with hair and skin pigment. In order to ensure you are receiving the best product possible at a great price, the manufacturer will have to do a few things over. Although, this is not what we wanted – we could not in good conscious/faith ship out dolls that were not up to our level of quality.

    More Good News: We have a shipping timeline! The following timeline is based on the details and timeline our manufacturer has provided. We are working quickly with our manufacturer to ensure we get dolls delivered before this date!

    Completion of doll production: Present – March 31st
    Shipping from overseas to USA: April 5th – April 15th
    Customs Clearance: April 16- April 21st
    Shipping out to customers: April 24th

    Important Update.

    First, there are not enough apologies in the world for you and the delay of your product. But, we truly apologize that you have not received your order.

    This has honestly been a nightmare of a situation. A situation that could end our company and our team is working diligently to overcome.

    Unfortunately, I am contractually prohibited from disclosing a significant reason for the delay in you receiving your dolls.

    We have been talking to our lawyer for the last 45 days and this is all we can tell you about the delay without being at risk for getting sued. I apologize for the delay in communication, this email had to be reviewed and approved by many people.

    I want you to know that this will not stop us from delivering your dolls and we will do everything we can we make this situation right.

    If you have asked for a refund, you will receive one. We ask that you give us 60-90 days to get all refunds processed.
    Our team will send a survey this week. We want to ensure we are giving our customers a proper appreciation gift for believing in us and giving us this opportunity. The options will include the doll delivery with a partial refund off your order, doll delivery and 3-4 extra outfits, or possibly adding an additional doll to your order at no cost. They survey will help us determine what gift will be best to accommodate you for your patience.
    We are not a scam, and we are not committing fraud. I know everyone is upset about not receiving their product. You have every right to be. This is not okay in any world. I wish I could speak more to this without breaking contractual obligations. We will ensure that everyone who asks for a refund will receive one.
    Next email with survey will be sent on June 29th. As always, If you have any immediate questions or concerns… please contact our customer service reps at [email protected]

    Nothing since and no responses to emails. It is a Shame and a SHAM.

  6. A wonderful site to buy quality toys for children of color is culturecorner. Find on Instagram @CultureCorner and Twitter #CultureCorner1.


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