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My Cold Snap Shark Tank Update: What Happened After Shark Tank?

PitchIce holding cup that snaps onto a can of beer to keep it cool
EntrepreneurCarlos Ortiz and Scott Duff
Asked For $50,000 for 100% + 12% royalty

Company Background

What is My Cold Snap?

My Cold Snap was born out of necessity for the want of a cold beer in the Texas heat. The container held a layer of ice, snapped securely around a beverage can, and the temperature of the beverage only increased by ten degrees when its surrounding temperature was over 100.

Who Owns My Cold Snap?

The company was started in 2000 by college friends Scott Duff and Carols Ortiz. In 2002, they received a product patent. Since Shark Tank, there is no viable information as to what the two are currently doing.

What Happened After Shark Tank Update

Did My Cold Snap Get a Deal on Shark Tank?

Prior to coming to Shark Tank, the pair had produced 20,000 units that were apparently having problems selling, and it appeared that they were simply trying to offload their stock onto one or more of the Sharks.

They shockingly offered the Sharks 100% of their business for only 12% of the returns.

Being shrewd business people, the Sharks smelled something fishy with the proposal and unanimously declined the pair’s offer.

Is My Cold Snap Still in Business?

The My Cold Snap founders were dinged by the Sharks for their “lack of passion,” which clearly did not help them at all in their effort to move their commodities.

While the product did sell several thousand units prior to the two coming on the show, they have since folded up business, and there is very little evidence that the product even existed, as far as the internet is concerned.

It is unfortunate that My Cold Snap did not have more momentum behind the product because their informational video shows a product that many people would have no doubt been interested in. As anyone who is from Texas will tell you, keeping your drink as cold as My Cold Snap claimed to do when it is well over 100 degrees outside is no small feat.

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