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2-in-1, indoor-outdoor slipper shoes with removable soles


Ryan Cruz, Eric Cruz, and Kevin Zamora


$200,000 for 15%


$200,000 for 25%


Daymond John



What is Muvez ?

Muvez is the innovative slipper brand on a mission to change the way you wear your slippers.

Muvez’s 3:AMs slippers are a 2-in-1 indoor/outdoor slipper with a removable lightweight rubber sole that “combines the functionality and detail of an athletic shoe with the convenience of casual house slippers.”

Whether you’re taking out the trash, stepping out for a jog, or running an errand, Muvez slippers let you quickly step indoors and outdoors without the hassle or changing shoes.

The Muvez 3:AMs collection features slippers available in sizes 9-13 in four colors – Rose Red, Maverick Blue, Vanta Black and Stone Grey.

Each pair currently sells for $99.95 but customers can also purchase a 2-pair pack for $184.95. The 2-pair pack comes with 1 black sole and 1 white sole, allowing customers to mix and match slippers and soles into 4 different looks.

Muvez Slippers with Removable Sole

Muvez Before Shark Tank

It was in 2013 when Eric, his brother Ryan and their friend Kevin, had the idea for a comfortable, athleisure style slipper that could be worn outside, but it would be several years before the shoe would gain ground.

The cofounders and friends had initially faced setbacks during their first few attempts at getting their shoe produced.

After visiting manufacturers in China, they were told that the product they had envisioned was impossible to produce.

Determined the see their shoe realized, they returned to their hometown, purchased some hardware supplies and went as far as dipping their feet in silicone to build the initial prototypes.

By 2019, the final designs were completed and the group was ready to begin their search for funding.

Muvez successfully completed its Kickstarter campaign in mid 2019, with $33,873 pledged by 292 backers.

Production began shortly after in October of 2019 with their first shipment released to backers by the end of that year.

In that same year,they were approached by Shark Tank producers and eventually went on to audition for the show.

Eric, Ryan, and Kevin appeared in Season 11 Episode 18 of Shark Tank where they made a deal with Daymond John, accepting $200,000 for 25% of their company.

Muvez Reviews

So far, reviews for the dual sole slippers are mostly positive with early Kickstarter backers reporting that the slippers are in fact as comfortable and convenient as advertised.

However, there has been a number of complaints from backers who have yet to receive their orders. The company has continued to maintain communication with backers while working through production delays but customers with issues can send their inquiries to [email protected]

For those who find Muvez too pricey, there is the bargain brand, Dualyz Slipper with Removable Sole. The quality and style may be lacking but Dualyz makes up for it with a consumer-friendly price and a large selection of 16 colors to choose from.

Muvez After Shark Tank – Where Are They Now?

The company continues to gain popularity through partnerships with athletes and influencers including Detroit Piston, Langston Galloway, and Salvador Amezcua aka Kickstradomis.

With their appearance on Shark Tank, the company is expected to see another boost in sales.

Visit the Muvez Slippers website

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