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Muvez – Indoor/Outdoor Slipper Shoes – Update



2-in-1, indoor-outdoor slipper shoes with removable soles


Ryan Cruz, Eric Cruz, and Kevin Zamora


$200,000 for 15%


$200,000 for 25%


Daymond John



What is Muvez ?

Muvez is the innovative slipper brand on a mission to change the way you wear your slippers.

Muvez’s 3:AMs slippers are a 2-in-1 indoor/outdoor slipper with a removable lightweight rubber sole that “combines the functionality and detail of an athletic shoe with the convenience of casual house slippers.”

Whether you’re taking out the trash, stepping out for a jog, or running an errand, Muvez slippers let you quickly step indoors and outdoors without the hassle or changing shoes.

The Muvez 3:AMs collection features slippers available in sizes 9-13 in four colors – Rose Red, Maverick Blue, Vanta Black and Stone Grey.

Each pair currently sells for $99.95 but customers can also purchase a 2-pair pack for $184.95. The 2-pair pack comes with 1 black sole and 1 white sole, allowing customers to mix and match slippers and soles into 4 different looks.

Muvez Slippers with Removable Sole

Muvez Before Shark Tank

It was in 2013 when Eric, his brother Ryan and their friend Kevin, had the idea for a comfortable, athleisure style slipper that could be worn outside, but it would be several years before the shoe would gain ground.

The cofounders and friends had initially faced setbacks during their first few attempts at getting their shoe produced.

After visiting manufacturers in China, they were told that the product they had envisioned was impossible to produce.

Determined the see their shoe realized, they returned to their hometown, purchased some hardware supplies and went as far as dipping their feet in silicone to build the initial prototypes.

By 2019, the final designs were completed and the group was ready to begin their search for funding.

Muvez successfully completed its Kickstarter campaign in mid 2019, with $33,873 pledged by 292 backers.

Production began shortly after in October of 2019 with their first shipment released to backers by the end of that year.

In that same year,they were approached by Shark Tank producers and eventually went on to audition for the show.

Eric, Ryan, and Kevin appeared in Season 11 Episode 18 of Shark Tank where they made a deal with Daymond John, accepting $200,000 for 25% of their company.

Muvez Reviews

So far, reviews for the dual sole slippers are mostly positive with early Kickstarter backers reporting that the slippers are in fact as comfortable and convenient as advertised.

However, there has been a number of complaints from backers who have yet to receive their orders. The company has continued to maintain communication with backers while working through production delays but customers with issues can send their inquiries to [email protected]

For those who find Muvez too pricey, there is the bargain brand, Dualyz Slipper with Removable Sole. The quality and style may be lacking but Dualyz makes up for it with a consumer-friendly price and a large selection of 16 colors to choose from.

Muvez After Shark Tank – Where Are They Now?

The company continues to gain popularity through partnerships with athletes and influencers including Detroit Piston, Langston Galloway, and Salvador Amezcua aka Kickstradomis.

With their appearance on Shark Tank, the company is expected to see another boost in sales.

Visit the Muvez Slippers website

33 thoughts on “Muvez – Indoor/Outdoor Slipper Shoes – Update”

  1. Do not order from this company. I made the mistake of ordering in April. No shoes, no responses, no refund. In reading all the other comments I wonder whether Shark Tank approves of their business model: put out glitzy ads, take your money, and then never deliver.

  2. Don’t buy these slippers. Spend your hard-earned money somewhere else. Muvez shipped me the wrong size and model of slippers months after expected, arriving eleven weeks late in October when ordered in May and expected in August!!! I asked their customer service team email address for a refund twice because of the delay and they assured me the slippers would ship “in a few weeks.” Sure, its a global pandemic, but they clearly couldn’t keep up with the Shark Tank demand. A truthful explanation about a backorder or selling out would have been nice. I just can’t believe I waited almost three extra months for a slipper that won’t fit because they sent me the wrong size I didn’t order. They also sent me a “hero blue” which is nowhere in their online inventory and kinda looks like the “midnight blue” I ordered, but they never asked if I wanted a different-looking replacement pair! Shipping the wrong size and a different model is inexcusable. This was the biggest waste of money you can make on a pair of slippers. Buy your footwear elsewhere and pass on the Shark Tank hype. Good luck đź‘Ť

  3. I saw you on “Shark Tank”, I made a comment to my girlfriend on how AWESOME your product was. She bought me a pair for my birthday, to my surprise! I LOVE IT… I can’t stop wear ’em. I’ve told family, friends & have even stopped strangers on the street to show them these BAD-ASS shoes! Thank you for your product, comfort & a GREAT conversation/ice breaker. You ROCK & you have a customer for life!!! Enjoy your wealth, you deserve it!

  4. These reviews are so spot on. I wish I would have looked earlier. I too fell under the Shark Tank spell. So the process took a while. whatever. The quality however sucks. I did get one of two pairs. I wore it for a weekend (mostly driving) and the sole is already coming out of the slipper part. The elastic is weak and my feet fall out due to no half sizes and the weight of the “shoe” pulling my feet out. Now they don’t want to replace, return my shoe because I was honest and get a white shoe a tad dirty actually wearing it to realize the quality is not there. Save your hard earned money.

  5. SCAM!!!! I put in an order in early June and in October, after many complantes I was told they were sold out. I truly believe I will not get my money back. They are Scumbags!

  6. Never order from this company!!!
    I ordered my shoes June 18th and its September 24th and still have no clear answer when they will or ever will get here!

    They have the worst customer service and give completely false i formation…. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS [email protected]!

  7. We ordered two pair on 6-4 after seeing on shark tank, guess what like others we still haven’t received the shoes and this is end of September. We contacted them on july 4 and were told we would have them in August . Disputed charge. Thanks shark tank, won’t order anything else you solicited.

  8. Ordered my shoes in April (5 months ago) and they have yet to be delivered. I’ve tried reaching out to Muvez through their email, Twitter, etc. and I’ve gotten no response. They’re collecting a lot of money, but not sending product. Isn’t that considered fraud?

  9. I ordered a pair of women’s shoes in mid June and have not received them as of sept. 10, 2020. Customer service said they should be shipping by 8/31 but that hasn’t happened. I’m my last email I asked them to cancel my order but they ignored my request, so I will have to dispute the charge via the credit card company.

  10. I’ve had the same experience as most of you have. I pre-ordered in May, paid the $30, and since then have received countless emails from Muvez. Most of those emails have been about delays, some have been to ask the same questions over and over (what gender, size, what color, etc.). However, most recently, I keep getting their emails asking me to “complete my order.” I thought I had already done that a couple of weeks ago. But as of yesterday, I got the same request. Out of curiosity, I followed the links, and was taken to something called a “Google form.” Long story short, there was no way to complete that form without first checking off the color, size, etc. of the second pair of shoes ordered. I never ordered a second pair of shoes, so even if I’d wanted to complete this form, I couldn’t have. I also emailed them yesterday and have not heard back.

  11. I ordered a pair for my husband paying a $30 deposit on May15, 2020 as they were waiting on a new shipment to come in & as of today August 22nd still waiting. The company doesn’t respond to any of my emails & I’ve sent many. Beware this is a Red Flag & I imagine the company has gone under. Had I not seen it on Shark Tank I would have never ordered…Daymond are you aware of what’s going on!!!!

  12. I ordered mine as i think they would be ideal as a nursing shoe; take the soles off before going in the house after work. I just ordered mine two weeks ago, and in my confirmation email it said they will give me and “update in 3-4 weeks on the delivery date”. I really wish i read these comments before I ordered, i would of never wasted my time or money knowing that i may never even get my order. This is extremely disappointing because i believe in helping entrepreneurs succeed, but this is a failure in Daymond John and these entrepreneurs buy not delivering orders. Unfortunately, i will not be ordering anything i see off shark tank again. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

  13. Forget this company. Parents order in April. It is now August 15. They sent me a “free t-shirt” in June. Ask them weekly where the shoes are that were ordered. Last response was they were delivered June 15…they were not. Customer service is weak and I have lost trust in them. Not worth your time.

  14. I ordered in April after the show aired and got a UPS tracking number in late April, but nothing ever shipped. They claims there were delays due to the pandemic, which I can accept, and told me if I didn’t receive them by a certain date in May to contact them again. I didn’t receive them by that date and I gave them an extra week, then e-mailed them multiple times and never heard back, so I disputed the charge with American Express, who immediately credited my account. I haven’t heard anything further. My wife pre-ordered a pair of ladies’ shoes and is now hearing stories. I’ve recommended she dispute the charge as well, especially now that their website claims women can “order” (not “pre-order”), but she hasn’t wanted to do that yet.

    Complaining to the Better Business Bureau doesn’t really do much because that entity doesn’t have any legal authority. Better to go to your card issuer.

  15. I also ordered a pair of shoes on April 3rd when the owners appeared on Shark Tank. I have had the same experience as those posted below, at first not even receiving answers to my emails and now being told they will be shipped any day (that was a month ago. I also contacted the Daymond John team, without any response. We have been loyal followers of Shark Tank for several years. What a disappointment. We will not be ordering any other product that appears on that show.

  16. I ordered shoes as a gift for my husband, and was happy to get them quickly. However, they do not fit, and I have been trying to return them since July 2. I have gotten a return number, but am waiting for an approval from their customer service. I have sent in 6 separate emails as follow up, and been told that someone would respond with in 24 hours. So far nothing. I would not recommending ordering from this company. Footwear should be simple to return if it doesn’t fit.

  17. Ordered a paid on April 6th and paid in full and now it’s July 30th and I still have not received my shoes. Terrible customer service. I have received probably 10 emails from them giving me a date when my shoes will be shipping out and they never follow through. Very disappointed!!

  18. Ordered a pair of shoes the beginning of June. They did not fit so asked on how to return. They advertise easy returns but it has been a nightmare. Sent them back paying for the return myself. I have never received a refund and it is now the middle of July. The correspondence has been terrible. I would never use or recommend this company due to their false promises. They have a product that could be marketed but no business direction.

  19. I ordered 2 pairs of shoes for my husband on April 4, 2020; till today 7/16/2020 no shoes. I have emailed Muvez 4 times as to what happened to the shoes they apologize over and over again. They took the money ? right away. I will never buy anything that I see on Shark tank.

  20. I ordered a pair of shoes on 6/15/2020. Was given the impression that they were in stock, but still haven’t received them as of 7/15/2020. But the charge was immediately made to my checking account the day I ordered them. Emailed them on 7/12 and finally received a reply on 7/15 advising me that they will be shipped in early August. Considering the other comments here, we’ll see. So they have gotten use of my money for at least a month and a half before my shoes are even shipped!!! I am not pleased. Don’t think I’ll be ordering from them again or be ordering products shown on sShark Tank. Feel like I’ve been screwed.

  21. Ordered a pair of shoes after being inspired by their story on August 4, 2020 and now on July 6, 2020 I am still waiting. Horrendous customer service that hardly answers emails and when they do I keep being told my order will arrive in the next shipment of inventory. As a matter of fact, I just got an email today that says my order will arrive at the end of July. I won’t hold my breath. Was also told, for my inconvenience, they would send me a free t-shirt, that was months ago, and like my shoes that hasn’t come.
    Terrible customer support who shows zero compassion for customers who are just trying to support their business. I hope Daymond reads these reviews because obviously I am not the only pissed off customer.

  22. Never bought anything before from Shark Tank. With my experience I never will again. Ordered back on April. After multiple emails promising that they will be shipping soon 4 months later still have nothing. Do not order from them. Their customer service is horrible with running around on excuses.

  23. We ordered two pair in mid-April 2020 and after numerous emails to the company, with replies of refunds, we finally had to dispute the charges with unfulfilled merchandise in mid-June. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM.

    • We ordered 2 pairs on the night of their Shark Tank appearance, and pre-ordered 2 women’s pairs the following day. Our experience has been the same. Lies (including from Kevin Zamora), no deliveries, and an on-going shell game. We notified Daymond John and Shark Tank producers, Including fellow Croatian, Robert Herjavec, but received no responses.

      We finally had enough, threatened credit card disputes, and starting a complaint with the BBB (382 Union Ave, Belleville NJ, — not BBB accredited, per BBB website). —Three almost identical complaints have been filed. In response to this, we finally recently received refunds. We recommend notifying the BBB and filing complaints, so that others are aware.

      These were the first purchases of Shark Tank products, and will be the last.

  24. I have never bought anything before after seeing it on Shark Tank but thought these shoes would fill a need so I bought a pair. I’ve had them for approximately one week and cannot recommend them to anyone. For the first week they worked great, I could slide into the outer sole and you could feel it sort of snap into place in the heel and off I’d go to take the dog for a walk. Now, after a week, the material must have gotten softer and it just mushes and the heel won’t slide in any more, I have to use my hand to push the outer sole onto the heel. $99 is a of money for something who’s primary function stops working so quickly.

    • I thought these things looked cool on the show, but after reading all these comments about the quality or lack there of, I’ll look for more reliable foot wear.
      Thank You!????

  25. I purchased a pair. The insole in the right shoe kept slipping back behind the heel. I contacted this group and they apologized for this fact, and offered to give a rebate for me to purchase different insoles (which they don’t know if they will work). No intent on fixing the problem. Don’t bother throwing your hard money to this product. Obviously they are just here to try to sell as many as possible and are not interested in the quality and enjoyment of the product. Lesson learned about Shark Tank failures!

  26. With the CoronaVirus going on, you should market these to doctors, nurses etc. Too bad you don’t have them for women. My niece is a doctor and leaves her shoes in her garage when returning home.


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