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Ashley Thompson and Kat Thomas


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Have you ever resolved to eat or snack healthily, but accessing the desired healthy products became an uphill task or the preparation tedious? Well, this was the case for Ashley Thompson and Katherine Thomas; two women who had budding financial careers. The two career ladies shared a common challenge; finding something healthy and easy to prepare for breakfast and snack at work. They were disappointed that freshly pressed cold juice was too sugary, did not satiate them, and can increase one’s blood sugar levels.

Protein bars have too many ingredients, and other alternatives either have sugar, fat or cannot accommodate people focused on doing dairy-free products. The two ladies realized that they shared a love for oatmeal, but preparing it was quite tedious. Working together, in 2015, the two founded Mush Foods Inc. to fill the gap on easy to prepare healthy breakfast and snacks.

What is Mush Oatmeal?

Mush Oatmeals are soaked overnight in almond or coconut milk and are ready to eat in the morning. The main advantage of mush oatmeal is that the product has high fiber and protein levels, is dairy-free, gluten-free and easy to digest. Mush overnight oats are available in four flavors; blueberry, apple crisp, dark cacao, and vanilla bean. To guarantee long life in shelves, Thompson and Thomas use high-pressure processing as the process does not alter with the product’s flavor, oatmeal texture, or the nutrition content.

The Journey to the Top

Mush Oatmeal has enjoyed a massively positive reception and has been moving rapidly, curating a brand name in the foods industry. Fitness enthusiasts, high-profile coffee shops, corporate and business offices, and campus have provided significant business for Mush Oatmeal. Thompson and Thomas have tapped into their creativity to ensure that the company keeps growing. Mush has become a reliable and consistent best-seller at countrywide Whole Foods Market.

The Shark Tank Effect

The founders’ appearance on Shark Tank conferred them with a reception that they had not anticipated. Mush was bombarded with significantly large orders, to the extent that they ran out of their unique packaging containers. Emails flowed in thousands, and the owners of the small company were overwhelmed.

Prior to the Shark Tank episode, Mush exclusively marketed and sold at farmers market where the sales averaged between $70,000-$120,000.

The founders believed that the farmers market was the easiest approach to penetrate the market and receive viable, instant feedback. Two years after partnering with Marc Cuban, the growth is evident as, by 2019, Mush had expanded nationally to over 3500 locations. The founders also recently created and hired two vital positions to help in its so-far-successful growth.

What are Mush Oatmeal Founders Cooking for the Future?

The founders are working towards introducing new flavors, Mush milk, and even baby food while keeping the ingredients at a minimum. Thompson and Thomas are also focused on having Mush products in all corners of America while raising consumer trust and confidence in their brand. The company hopes to spearhead, or to, at least, be part of an industry that focuses on healthy food, and prioritizes the same. At the current growth rate, Mush Oatmeal is definitely one out to make a change.

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