Muff Waders: Beer Cooler Overalls

Pitchbib overalls designed with an on-the-chest insulated cooler pouch
EntrepreneurTaylor Nees and Garrett Lamp
Asked For$25,000 for 20%
DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
StatusIn Business

Company Background

What is Muff Waders?

The oddly named Muff Waders makes bib overalls for the drinking man, featuring an insulated cooling pouch sewn into the front pocket that helps keep your favorite beverages cool. It can take up to six cans in the front and has insulated side pockets on the pants for additional bottle storage. Furthermore, it comes with a detachable Muff Mug, which attaches to the wearer’s front via a magnet which also doubles as a bottle opener. Lastly, there’s a storage pocket,. Available in two colors (black and brown), its target market is the working man, who enjoys a cold beer after a long day.

Who Owns Muff Waders?

Taylor (Earl) Nees and Garret Lamp are the co-founders of Muff Waders. Garret is a recent graduate of Iowa State University with a BA in advertising whose work experience entails video production. Today, Garret still handles Muff Waders’ marketing and customer relations while working full-time as a video producer for Corteva Agriscience.

Taylor is a good ‘ole country boy, whose lived in Holstein, Iowa, his whole life. Previously he worked as an electrician at Holstein Electric, a business owned by his high-school friend Garret’s mother and step-father. Today he oversees the sales and manufacturing side of the company.

Founder’s Story

The idea for the product came to Taylor while attending a high school football game in late 2016. Joking around with his buddies, they commented on how unique it would be to have overalls inside which you could store cold six-packs of beer, ideal for sneaking into the stadium. Later that evening at a bar, he drew a prototype sketch on a napkin with the idea still fresh in his mind.

To source funding, Taylor started a Kickstarter campaign but unfortunately missed his goal of $135,000. Not deterred, Taylor continued to work on the prototype, with his high school friend Garret joining the project during this process.

Finally, in September 2018, both were satisfied with the final result. The next step, get a manufacturer, and Taylor ended up pitching the product to over 80 companies before finally getting picked up by one. Muff Waders was finally in business, and initially, the product showed promise, getting a lot of interest from a viral video on Facebook.

Still not entirely satisfied, the duo used the proceeds from the roughly 1000 sales they’d made until that point to make further design changes and enhancements. By early 2020, they felt they were onto a winner, and now all they needed was an investor to take the product to a bigger market.

What Happened to Muff Waders After Shark Tank Update

Did Muff Waders Get a Deal on Shark Tank?

On Shark Tank Season 12 Episode 16, Taylor Nees and Garrett Lamp entered the Tank seeking $25,000 for 20% of their beer cooler overalls but left without a deal from the Sharks.

Is Muff Waders Still in Business?

Headquartered in Holstein, Iowa, Muff Waders is still in business. Their “office” doubles as a van, which they use to drive to trade shows, parties, and football games to sell their product. Otherwise, the bulk of their business comes through their website and social media accounts.

In late 2020, they also introduced the Muff Spender, a black pair of suspenders with pockets for drink cans or bottles. Likewise, they raised the capital for this product through Kickstarter.

Muff Waders has the lion’s share of the market at the moment, as there are no competitors offering anything similar to their beer storing and cooling apparel concept at present.

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