Mr.Tod’s Pie Factory

PitchSouthern style pies and desserts
Entrepreneur Tod Wilson
Asked For$460,000 for 10%
Deal$460,000 for 50%
SharkDaymond John and Barbara Corcoran

Company Background

What is Mr.Tods Pie Factory?

Mr. Tod’s Pies promises a variety of comfort food and welcomes customers craving homely cheesecakes, fruit cobblers and muffins.

Tod is known for bringing communities together by selling a deliciously fulfilling assortment of pies online. The business has a massive fan following as most customers recognize Tod as the friendly baker and the first contestant on Shark Tank.

Who Owns Mr.Tods Pie Factory?

Tod is a first-generation University of Richmond graduate. He accidentally discovered his love of baking and entrepreneurship skills through an internship at his godfather’s bakery. Today, Mr. Tod’s Pies is still at the forefront of the company, delivering pies throughout the US through the Mr. Tod’s Pies online store.

Founder’s Story

Tod was raised by a single mother in New Jersey. During his teenage years, he was accidentally inspired to be an entrepreneur when he signed up to work for one summer at his godfather’s bakery after high school.

He ended up baking pies and learning essential management skills for the next four summers.

He was so passionate about establishing his own business that despite relentless financial struggles and having to live in his car, Tod took a bank loan of $16,000 to help get his bakery off the ground.

Through his sweet potato pies, Tod chose to meaningfully represent a deep connection to the civil rights movement as well. This love of community and pies ultimately evolved into a wholesale bakery which added further to his success.

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