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Moink Update



meat subscription box service


Lucinda Cramsey


$250,000 for 10%


$400,000 for 20%


Jamie Siminoff



What is Moink?

Moink is the meat subscription box service on a mission to bring you high-quality, humanely raised meats from small family farms across America.

Moink gives customers the option of selecting a curated box or customizing your own from a selection of ethically raised grass-fed beef and lamb, pastured chicken and pork and wild-caught Alaskan salmon.

Moink Before Shark Tank

Moink was founded by 8th generation family farmer, Lucinda Cramsey after she noticed independently run family farms were financially struggling and unable to put food on the tables for their own families all the while growing and selling the food that makes it to tables around America.

Lucinda decided it was time to take on Big Agra and help independent, family farmers reclaim market share of the agricultural industry.

Moink After Shark Tank – Where Are They Now?

Since their appearance in the Tank, Moink has made over $2.8 million so far this year. They’ve outgrown their original facilities and have now moved to Kansas to continue operations with 15 new family farms added to the Moink network.

1 thought on “Moink Update”

  1. Moink. i am happy to know that I have a go-to meat company that is, I feel, trustworthy and moral, putting forth utmost effort definately making an impact with strong endeavor in standing with and helping to empower farmers near and wide across this nation!! I can only imagine the great cost to you and your families, friends and business associates in setting this high standard making high quality meats available and easily accessible to us.

    THANK YOU for doing your best!. THANK YOU for meat that is fit to eat and that is free of Genetically Modified Organisms. THANK YOU for the great sacrifice you have made in bringing we the people another premium food product that is wholesome, good and beneficial to a body. MEAT FIT TO EAT! Am forever grateful.

    ONE MORE THING. . .Moink customer service is tops. wow. Navigation on your website is a joy; and easy too. Messages, inquiries, changes to order are quickly attended.
    Grace to you all and the peace of the living God abide.
    Thank you SharkJaime for your support and good will towards this grand effort.


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