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Moink Shark Tank Update: Ethical Meat Subscription Box

PitchEthical meat subscription box service
EntrepreneurLucinda Cramsey
Asked For$250,000 for 10%
Deal$400,000 for 20%
SharkJamie Siminoff
Net Worth$2,000,000

Company Background

What is Moink?

Moink box meat offers 100% grass-fed and pastured beef, lamb, chicken, pork, and freshly caught salmon. It is a way of connecting ethically conscious meat lovers with organic practicing small family farms.

Their network of farm meat produce is free of any sugars, preservatives, hormones, or anything typically considered a no-no for you. You can order your boxed meat cartons online through their website, customize your quantity and variety and have the box delivered directly to your door.

The process enables a farm-to-door market, cutting out the middleman and allowing small family-owned farmers to invest more in the costly process of raising animals for slaughter in an organic manner.

Who Owns Moink?

Moink is co-founded, by the husband and wife team, Adam and Lucinda Cramsey. Both grew up on mid-west farms and moved to the east coast, Adam worked in engineering and Lucinda implemented start-up organic boxing companies.

Tired of city life, they moved back to the mid-West, bought a farm, and planned to grow organic vegetables and raise animals for slaughter naturally. Both remain very active in the business today.

Founder’s Story

Moink was founded by 8th generation family farmer, Lucinda Cramsey after she noticed independently run family farms were financially struggling. Many were unable to put food on the tables for their own families all the while growing and selling the food that makes it to tables around America.

Lucinda decided it was time to take on Big Agra and help independent, family farmers reclaim market share of the agricultural industry.

The idea for the company started with a simple thing like Adam having a hankering for a pork chop.

Lucinda wasn’t that keen, being aware of how animals were treated and slaughtered in factory farms. She remarked, “If the pig had been raised outdoors as my mother did it, on clean green grass, I’ll cook you all the pork chops you want.”

But as more and more of their like-minded fellow neighbors and organic farmer friends remarked and pondered on more economical ways to get grass-fed, tastier, organic meat to the market, the idea for box shipping and home delivery came to mind. And so, they set about building partnerships with fellow family-owned farmers in their community.

The company began in earnest in August 2017, with subscription boxes shipping up to 16 pounds of meat at $159.00. It proved a success, and the company saw its sales grow tenfold over one year to $730,000.00 — it was then that they began looking for investors to help them scale and keep up with the growing demand.

What Happened to Moink After Shark Tank Update

Did Moink Get a Deal on Shark Tank?

In Season 10 Episode 15 of Shark Tank, Lucinda Cramsey struck a deal with Ring founder and former Shark Tank Alum, Jamie Siminoff, of $400,000 for 20%, giving the company a $2 million valuation.

Is Moink Still in Business?

Moink has continued to thrive since appearing on Shark Tank and remains in business today. They’ve had to move facilities to keep up with the growth and have added 15 new farms to their network, which now totals 100+ family farms. They ship online orders to all 48 mainland states and anticipated sales above $6 million in 2019. They also hope to enter the grocery store market at some point.

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  1. Moink. i am happy to know that I have a go-to meat company that is, I feel, trustworthy and moral, putting forth utmost effort definately making an impact with strong endeavor in standing with and helping to empower farmers near and wide across this nation!! I can only imagine the great cost to you and your families, friends and business associates in setting this high standard making high quality meats available and easily accessible to us.

    THANK YOU for doing your best!. THANK YOU for meat that is fit to eat and that is free of Genetically Modified Organisms. THANK YOU for the great sacrifice you have made in bringing we the people another premium food product that is wholesome, good and beneficial to a body. MEAT FIT TO EAT! Am forever grateful.

    ONE MORE THING. . .Moink customer service is tops. wow. Navigation on your website is a joy; and easy too. Messages, inquiries, changes to order are quickly attended.
    Grace to you all and the peace of the living God abide.
    Thank you SharkJaime for your support and good will towards this grand effort.


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