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Modern Christmas Tree Update



contemporary, plexiglass-based Christmas trees


Matt Bliss


$100,000 for 10%


$100,000 for 18%


Barbara Corcoran



The first Modern Christmas Tree was designed by Matt Bliss’s grandfather, Lawrence Stoecker, an engineer and architect in the 1960’s.The minimal yet ornately designed Christmas tree had left a long-lasting impression on Matt as a child. In 2011, inspired by his grandfather’s work, Matt left a successful career as a mortgage-broker to bring his grandfather’s vision and legacy to the public.

Today, Modern Christmas Trees are available in 6′, 7.5′ or 10′ foot tall variations as well as a limited edition, mini-sized, table top tree that can all be purchased either decorated or undecorated at a lower price.

In 2017, Matt appeared on season 9 episode 13 of Shark Tank to pitch the Modern Christmas Tree. The Sharks were immediately drawn to the trees but raised objections to the price and scalability of the business. The Sharks dropped out one by one until only Barbara Corcoran was left. She offered $100,000 for 25% plus a $5 royalty until her investment was repaid. With Barbara’s deal on the table, Kevin O’Leary jumped back in to offer the same but for only 20%, forcing Barbara to change her offer. After a few counteroffers, Matt struck a deal with Barbara at $100,000 for 18% equity in his business.

Modern Christmas Tree After Shark Tank

Sales for Modern Christmas Trees spiked to over $150,000 in the week following Matt’s appearance on Shark Tank. With Barbara’s investment, Matt was able to purchase more inventory in order to keep up with the demand for Modern Christmas Trees. Unlike the majority of artificial Christmas trees on the market which are manufactured in China, Matt insists on keeping his Modern Christmas Trees made in the USA. Despite the company’s impressive growth, Matt’s family-first philosophy keeps operations and customer service in-house and close to home. The company’s two-person team ships direct to consumers from Matt’s home, which lets him include a personal thank you note included with each order.

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