Misto Box



subscription box showcasing local and novelty coffees


Samantha Meis & Connor Riley


$75,000 for 15%


$75,000 for 30%


Mark Cuban

Company Background

What is MistoBox?

Attention coffee lovers! If you like the good taste of coffee sent straight to your door, Misto Box is the company for you.

Misto Box offers consumers to personalize their coffee flavors, creating your blends for your taste. The company works with over 50 U.S. home-grown roasters to choose from to create a personalized blend based on your personal taste.

Your coffee selection created from your roast level, how you flavor your coffee, coffee ground or coffee bean, type of blend and how frequently you drink coffee.

Founder’s Story

The company started in 2011 as a school project at the University of Arizona, by Connor Riley and Samantha Meis, a year after they met in Barcelona during a 2010 study abroad trip. The mission of Misto Box is to “make it easy to for you to discover and brew the world’s best coffee at home”.

The co-founders began a Kickstarter campaign in April 2012, leading to launching the company site in May 2012.

To expand the brand, Samantha and Connor landed a deal on Shark Tank with Mark Cuban in 2013. Cuban stated that to grow, they need to add personalizing of coffee flavors for their customers. In 2014, the company launched its personalization of the subscription plans, which Cuban strongly advised them to do, or the company would fail. They also added delivery services to commercial establishments in early 2014 as well. By February 2015, they sold their 1 millionth cup of coffee.

What Happened After Shark Tank Update

Misto Box is rated one of the top 10 best coffee subscriptions by Forbes.com. The site mentioned how customers are provided with their own personal coffee expert, to design the best coffee flavor for you. If you’re already familiar with coffee, then you can choose your own blend, personally made to order.

As a result of working with over 50 roasters, there are over 591 varieties of coffee to choose from. The company has generated $4.9 million in sales, 220,000 delivered coffees with 50,000 satisfied customers. Misto Box also offers their coffee as a gift, generating 20,000 to date.

To get involved with civic education, Misto Box launched the Ballotpedia subscription, to include updates on the 2020 election to their customers. Ballotpedia provides objective information on the political process, including primary elections, redistricting and Direct Democracy.

Misto Box has partnered with Ballotpedia, to get more people educated about the election process to increase voting. With this special subscription, each bag of coffee includes information on the electoral process.

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