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below the belt, male grooming and hygiene products – pubic hair trimmer razor


Josh King and Steve King


$500,000 for a 7%


$500,000 for 25%


Lori Greiner and Mark Cuban



What is Manscaped?

Manscaped is the California-based company specializing in men’s grooming and hygiene products that include uniquely designed tools, formulations and accessories to help men ensure a simple and clean manscaping experience.

Manscaped History

Manscaped was founded in 2017 by Paul Tran after noticing a gap in the market for a consumer product that focused on men’s hygiene.

With the addition of co-founder Steve King to the team, the men went to work on filling that gap and introduced the world’s first dedicated male grooming and hygiene brand to a market of manscapers.

The company initially struggled to find its voice as it attempted to reach its market. After centering their remarketing efforts around the humourous horror stories of manscaping gone wrong, the company found its groove. Manscaped sold out of 3000 kits in 13 days and ended the year with $1.7 million.

In 2018, Steve and his father, Josh King appeared on Shark Tank seeking $500,000 for 7% of Manscaped – a $7.1 Million valuation.

Manscape After Shark Tank – Where Are They Now?

Not only is the company saving men from hairy situations, but through their partnership with the Testicular Cancer Society, Manscaped is helping raise awareness around men’s health issues.

Today, Manscaped has risen to the top of the male grooming world through a number of high profiled partnerships. In May 2020, the company joined forces with UFC in a two-year partnership as the Official Electric Trimmer of UFC. More recently, in June 2020 the company announced its multi-year partnership with the San Francisco 49ers.

In just a few short years, the company has expanded its direct-to-consumer range across the US, UK, Australia and Canada but can also be found in big retailers including Best Buy, Target and Amazon.

Manscaped Products

Whether you’re a first time manscaper or long time pro, Manscaped has a range of tools, formulations and packages for your male grooming needs.
Manscaped Tools
The Lawn Mower 3.0 – Manscaped’s latest cordless, waterproof trimmer.

The Weed Whacker – Precision trimmer for nose and ear hair.

The Shears 2.0 – 5-piece, stainless steel nail grooming kit.

The Crop Preserver – Anti-chafing ball deodorant.

The Crop Reviver – Manscaped scented ball toner and refresher

The Crop Mop – Wet wipes specially designed for male hygiene

The Footer Duster – Manscaped scented foot deodorizing spray

Perfect Package 2.0

The perfect package for your perfect package includes the Lawn Mower 3.0, the Crop Preserver, the Crop Reviver, and the Magic Mat – a disposable shaving mat for keeping your trimmings in one place.

Nuts and Bolts Kit 2.0

The bare essentials for male grooming. Includes the Lawn Mower 2.0, the Crop Preserver and the Magic Mat.

Buy on Amazon Visit the Manscaped website

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  1. Thank you so much for this website. Watching old episodes, the first thing that comes to mind after each pitch is ‘where are they now’ and close second one is ‘Are the sharks happy, they made this deal’.
    Will it be possible to retrieve data as to the money sharks made with their deals?

  2. Some of this information is inaccurate. Manscaped was co-founded by Josh King and his father, Steve King. The idea was created by Josh King. Paul Tran is a CO-founder.

    • Thanks for your comment. Would you mind sharing a reference? As Josh and Paul have themselves listed as co-founder and founder, respectively, on LinkedIn.


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