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ManPACK Shark Tank Update: What Happened After Shark Tank?

Pitchvertical messenger bag, designed by men for men
EntrepreneurAaron Tweedie
Asked For$200,000 for 29%
DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
StatusIn Business

Company Background

What is ManPACK?

Indiana Jones wishes he had a fantastic “satchel” like this back in the day! But, unfortunately, over the years, a typical guy’s EDC (everyday carry) has increased to about 4.5 pounds worth of stuff in his pockets and on his person: Keys, cellphone, sunglasses, wallet, watch, knife, torch, handgun, even. And any girlfriend or wife on a day out has no doubt heard, “Babe, can I put my stuff in your handbag?”

Man-PACK solves this issue with a slim guy-focused messenger-style bag that can be worn in three distinct ways. Plus, it has a host of internal and external pockets and storage compartments, along with easy to reach zippers.

Who Owns ManPACK?

Aaron Tweedie is the founder and CEO of Man-PACK. A graduate of Old Dominion University with a BBA, Aaron also served in the US Army National Guard. He then went on to work as a realtor and later a Cadet Development Officer.

Today, he remains in the same position as CEO and holds down a developmental manager position for a firearm training academy.

Founder’s Story

Like most ex-military guys, Aaron loves gear and carry and storage systems for your equipment. But, as every soldier or marine will tell you, preparation is vital, along with quick access. Aaron learned humility as a young rifle shooter growing up in Virginia.

His natural flamboyance for sales, coupled with his desire to create things, kept him looking for new ideas. This curiosity led him to believe there was a niche in the market for a guy-specific bag, in tune with his military background.

Something the typical American guy wouldn’t be ashamed to wear. So with $5000 of his own money, he set about creating his own company and product and created one. After taking the product to market, he managed to attract a following in the military, particularly amongst those involved in covert ops.

He managed to sell around 6,000 packs at $60 each, with a projection approaching 65,000 units for the financial year. However, to scale, he knew he needed an investor to come on board.

What Happened After Shark Tank Update

Is ManPACK Still in Business?

Post his appearance on Shark Tank, Aaron ran a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for a redesign and launched Man-Pack 2.0. The company remains in business and sells its products primarily online through its website or e-retailers, most notably Amazon.

In addition, you can find it internationally through its distribution channels. They’ve also gone on to expand their product line, offering numerous bags and accessories for multiple activities, be it urban or the outdoors.

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