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M3 Girl Designs (Snap Caps) Shark Tank Update: What Happened After Shark Tank?

PitchBottle cap jewelry
EntrepreneurMaddie, Margot and Diane Bradshaw
Asked For$300,000 for 15%
Deal$300,0000 for 30%
SharkLori Greiner, Mark Cuban, and Robert Herjavec

Company Background

What is M3 Girl Designs (Snap Caps)?

M3 Girl Designs are most well known for their jewelry range aimed at kids and teens. The range comprises of necklaces and ribbons with interchangeable “snap caps”. These snap caps are magnetic pendants carrying unique art designs by Maddie Bradshaw, which are interchangeable so can be swapped and collected.

Who are the Founders of M3 Girl Designs (Snap Caps)?

Maddie Bradshaw is the creator behind Snap Caps by M3 Girl Designs which she operated with her mother Diane Bradshaw and sister Margot.

After M3 Girl Designs ended,Maddie earned a BA in Science and Technology from Standard University, followed by a Master’s in Education from Harvard.Today, Maddie teaches technology in primary and secondary education.

Founder’s Story

Maddie was a 10 year-old schoolgirl with strong creative flair and a passion for doing her own thing, when she first came up with the idea for her own snap clip jewelry.

Maddie created her own magnets for her school locker out of bottle caps her uncle had lying around but couldn’t find magnets that she liked, so she created her own unique designs on bottle caps and magnetized them.

Her friends raved about the magnets and the craze soon took off. She put the designs onto necklaces and then sales really exploded. Once the business starting taking off, Maddie reached out to her family for help in growing the business.

The business started as a small family-run affair with mom as CEO, Maddie as president and head designer, her little sister as vice president.

They did well producing their own jewelry and doing their own marketing, supplying 1000 retailers and making over $1 million before Shark Tank, but Maddie’s mom knew they would benefit from the experience and networks of the sharks.

M3 Girl Designs (Snap Caps) Shark Tank Update

M3 Girl Designs (Snap Caps) Sales and Revenue

According to Maddie, at the height of the company’s success, they reached over 3000 stores internationally and averaged $50,000 to $60,000 in sales per month with a total of $5.2 million in gross revenue.

Is M3 Girl Designs (Snap Caps) Still in Business?

Maddie’s appearance on Shark Tank was followed by a wave of success for her SnapClip company.

In 2009, she was featured in Inc Magazine’s 30 under 30 where is was revealed that the company had made over $1.6 million in sales and had grown to 25 employees.

The company stayed in business for 9 years but eventually closed in 2015. By this time, sales were steadily declining and Maddie began transitioning into her post-secondary education.

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