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Will Loliware and their LOLISTRAW once again crack under pressure? Or will they deliver beyond expectations?


replacing plastic, one biodegr(edible) cup at time
Chelsea Briganti & Leigh Ann Tucker
$150,000 for 10%
$600,000 for 25% ($2.4M valuation)
Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran

Loliware is the edible bioplastics company on a mission to reduce plastic waste and create a sustainable future with the world’s first edible drinking cup.

Their edible cups are designed to serve drinks & desserts at events and are flavored to compliment any meal.

Loliware was formed in 2015 by founders Chelsea Briganti and Leigh Ann Tucker after learning of the 33 billion plastic cups that end up in landfills each year.

Loliware Biodegr(edible) Cups


Loliware aired on Shark Tank in December 2015 and in no time, a shark brawl breaks out. Mark immediately makes an offer and tries to lock the other sharks out.

Barbara decides to go in on Mark’s deal. Lori admires the product but decides to go out. Robert puts an offer on the table that includes Mark. In the end, Loliware strikes a deal with Mark and Barbara.

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The 100% all-natural, non-GMO, compostable, edible cups were seen by many to be the perfect solution to the growing plastic problem.

Unfortunately, Loliware’s “biodegr(edible)” cups were a little too good to be true.

In spite of their best intentions, they couldn’t quite figure out a formula for the cups that could survive shipping.

The greatest complaint against Loliware’s cups was that many of the cups would arrive so tough you could break a tooth trying to chew through it or damaged – distorted, melted, shattered.

And each pack of 4 cost more than a pack of 100 plastic cups. Customers fell out of love with Loliware as quickly as they had fallen in love with it.

Lolistraw - Loliware's edible straw


Loliware’s edible cups are no longer available for sale and it seems the company has ditched the project.

But in spite of little sales and poor customer reviews, the company managed to raised an additional $1M in 2017, bringing Loliware’s net worth to $1.9 million.

Mark Cuban has remained on board as the lead investor and advisor to Loliware as they prepare to launch LOLISTRAW, the world’s first edible, compostable straw.

In January 2018, Loliware successfully raised over $49,000 on Kickstarter with 1083 backers and over $73,000 on Indiegogo.

Since being funded, the company has continued to work diligently to reach their production goals. But months have gone by since the company has released any meaningful updates and Loliware backers are feeling unsettled by the lack of communication.

The LOLISTRAW can be pre-ordered through Indiegogo. Although originally expected to be available by August, Loliware has since updated their launch date for October 2018.
But according to posts made on by Loliware through Instagram, the first shipment is now expected to be delivered in January 2019.

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1. Hiware
Hiware’s biodegrable straws come in a 200-pack assortment of
8 different striped colors, made with food safe ink.

2. Kikkerland
Kikkerland’s biodegrable and compostable paper straws come in a 144-pack assortment of unique designs.

3. FinalStraw
The ecopreneurs of Season 10 have finally begun shipping their reusable collapsible straw!

Visit the Loliware website

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Their products are a flop but Chelsea is super hot.

Paula Campagna
Paula Campagna

when are my straws coming


So I see the Lally cups where not such a great idea I saw on Amazon that so many of them would come broken. Now I see you have straws which is probably a better idea but those aren’t always available either. But now I see on lolly cup website then selling everything for restaurants and not first thing that they came on shark Tank about. That was disappointing😔‼️