customizable shelving system and organizer for lockers


Greg Cronin and Stephen Coachys


$175,000 for 10%


$175,000 for 50%


Lori Greiner and Robert Herjavec



Company Background

What is LockerBones?

LockerBones, in a nutshell, is a shelving set that fits inside a school locker by sliding in place—giving the user additional platforms to organize and arrange their books, etc. Users have the choice of wood or plastic designs, the latter coming in various color schemes.

Who Owns LockerBones?

Greg Cronin and Steve Coachys are the co-founders of LockerBones. Greg previously worked as a contractor and developer. He remains in place as one of the company directors, as indicated by his presence on their website. Steve is a practicing Medical Director. He got his doctorate from the University of Mississippi School of Medicine. Steve has continued in this field, choosing to keep his involvement in LockerBones off his LinkedIn profile. However, his image features on their website as a co-founder.

Founder’s Story

When she got to middle school, Greg invented LockerBones for his daughter, Ashley, to help her keep her locker in a more efficient order. She didn’t like stuffing her school books into the ample, open space inside her locker; she wanted an easier way to store her things. Greg spent two years fine-tuning the project. Soon after, he became known as “The Locker Guy” at his daughter’s school, where he sold the concept to interested students and parents. Likewise, Greg had success with other schools in the Jackson, Mississippi, area. He also set up a fundraising mechanism so schools and PTA’s can sell LockerBones to raise money. After gaining a patent, he managed to sell about 500 units. During this time, he brought on Steve, who believed in the product, as his business partner. Together, they got a contract in place with Amazon. Now they needed capital to begin production.

What Happened After Shark Tank Update

Is LockerBones Still in Business?

The company remains in business, headquartered in Jackson, Mississippi, with an active website. Their growth and success are mainly due to Staples funding their development, particularly for the “Back to School” market. They’re now also available at all the major e-retailers. Ashley Cronin, Greg’s daughter, is also currently listed as a co-founder and has joined the board of directors.

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