Locker Board




skateboard that can kit inside a school locker


Carson Kropfl


$60,000 for 15%



Richard Branson



Company Background

What is Locker Board?

Locker Board is a revolutionary personal transportation device created by a pre-teen in his home of Southern California. A Locker Board is a non-folding skateboard that has been designed to fit into a school locker or backpack, allowing for optimal storage when not in use. Originally made from recycled materials, the product is designed to be a versatile alternative to the traditional skateboard.

Who Owns Locker Board?

Middle School Student Carson Kropfl founded the Locker Board and manufactured the first ones in his home in San Clemente, California. This wasn’t even his first business venture, as he also created a product that simulates surfing on the ground with a skateboard. Eventually, demand exceeded his capabilities, and Carson was forced to outsource manufacturing. Today the Locker Board is made and distributed by Wham-O, the legendary toy company behind the Frisbee & The Slip ‘N Slide.

Founder’s Story

Carson Kropfl invented the Locker Board at the age of 11. This pre-teen entrepreneur had just entered middle school and was disenchanted that his existing skateboards did not fit in his school locker. Looking to avoid doing chores, and being too young to work for his money, Carson designed and sold the first Locker Boards himself. Carson took the Locker Board to Shark Tank where he appeared in Season 9 Episode 1 with the hopes of landing a Shark.

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  1. At the time of airing this episode I too was a LockerBoard carrier inside my BMX/skate/scooter shop in Huntington Beach CA. Carson and his mom came into my shop to set up my brand new custom made LockerBoard display. Wouldnt be complete until I asked Carson to stay that day and skate for free and demo his product for the other kids inside my park. I am so proud of him and what he has started. I cannot wait until I see what he does next, Id like to be part of it possibly. Thank you Carson, you are one of my favorite young entrepreneurs out there. Your friend, Michael Nordan, Common Ground Bike Shop.


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