Litter Jewelry

PitchFull body chain jewelry
EntrepreneurRachael Mann and Mackenzie Burdick
Asked For$80,000 for 51%
Deal $80,000 for 70%
SharkMark Cuban and Daymond John
StatusIn Business

Company Background

What is Litter Jewelry?

Litter jewelry is what it is – litter jewelry. It got its moniker from being the type of jewelry made of ordinary objects from everyday places. You could find them in consignment shops, thrift stores, and even in the garbage. Its the type of jewelry that comes in many forms, from necklaces to anklets.

Founder’s Story

Litter Jewelry was founded in San Francisco by two sisters, MacKenzie Burdock and Rachel Mann. It began when an old, broken necklace got transformed into a fancy headpiece by one of them. They hosted a photo of the headpiece on their website, along with a blog about how it was inspired and made.

It was that photo which soon brought attention to it. The headpiece then garnered compliments from people everywhere and earned the sisters an invitation to appear on The Jewelry Show. The host became impressed, as did the audience, and a new venture was born.

From there, the sisters began their journey in the jewelry industry. They made several pieces, from headdress to necklaces and more. They’ve expanded their product line to include body chain jewelry and rounded necklaces. The idea was to take ordinary objects from anywhere and transform them into brilliant fashion statements that would inspire many.

And inspire it did. Now the product line is a favorite among major celebrities, from singer Lady Gaga to tennis champ Serena Williams. The sisters still turn over a healthy profit and their jewelry line has sparked an interest from online giants such as Amazon.

What Happened to Litter Jewelry After Shark Tank Update

Is Litter Jewelry Still in Business?

Litter Jewellery remains in business to this day, providing not only bespoke jewelry but ladies’ swimwear and gift card designs. The San Francisco-based company takes orders online and ships worldwide.

However, you can also find the product in selective jewelry stores and Etsy, the e-commerce platform for handmade apparel and jewelry. The company has since collaborated with many famous brands, designers, and fashion magazine photographers.

Likewise, their jewelry has received celebrity endorsements from Nicole Richie, Lady Gaga, and Serena Williams. Founders and sisters MacKenzie Burdock and Rachel Mann are still with the company.

Similar to Litter Jewellery is Bead the Change, which makes bracelets and other assorted jewelry from recycled glass and plastic. Based in Ghana but shipping worldwide, they also donate a portion of their profits to conservation efforts in Africa.

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