Liquid Money Perfume

Pitch Money scented cologne
EntrepreneurPat McCarthy
Asked For$125,000 for 5%

Company Background

What is Liquid Money?

Liquid Money is a fragrance for either men or women that uses the smell of money to boost productivity and inspire success. Each bottle contains actual ingredients found in legal tender for a genuine scent of freshly minted money. Bottles of Liquid Money are also packed in boxes with real shredded dollar bills for a genuine look and feel to go along with the perfume.

Who Owns Liquid Money?

Liquid Money founder Patrick McCarthy is a former Microsoft Vice President and a software sales veteran of 20 years. His resume includes names like SAP America, BroadVision and Autodesk. McCarthy has been motivating and inspiring his team for years before his current business venture and invention, Liquid Money.

Founder’s Story

The Liquid Money fragrance was inspired by a Japanese study that showed workers would perform better when the scent of money was artificially introduced into their workspaces. McCarthy and perfume expert Larry Murrison used the study as inspiration to develop the award winning Liquid Money fragrance for McCarthy’s own sales team before he and his new product appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank in 2013.

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