LipStix ReMix

PitchReuse/repair broken or melted lipstick
Entrepreneur Jill Quillin
Asked For$105,000 for 30%
Deal$105,000 for 50%
SharkKevin Harrington, Barbara Corcoran, and Daymond John

Company Background

What is LipStix ReMix?

The LipStix ReMix is a makeup kit invention that allows women to rescue the final 1/3 of their lipstick that anchors the product to the canister.

It saves them from having to throw it away only two-thirds of the way through. It contains a circular mold of the traditional lipstick shape into which you pour the microwave melted contents of your 2/3 finished old one. You then place the mold in the freezer, and once done, insert a re-usable new lipstick canister. It also allows you to mix and match between shades to create a new one.

Who Owns LipStix ReMix?

Jill Quillon is the founder of LipStix ReMix. Jill is a mother and housewife.

Today, Jill is the president of Divine Innovations LLC; a company that offers a host of services to small businesses, churches, and community organizations. That includes everything — from start-up ideas to organizational skills and faith guidance.

Founder’s Story

Living in a challenging economy, where every dollar counted, Jill hated seeing hundreds of dollars going to waste each month on partially used lipstick. So she came up with the clever idea to save the unused content and designed the makeup kit herself.

To sell her LipStix ReMix product, she set up a table at small community trade markets and shopping malls over weekends and holiday seasons.

During one holiday period over ten days, Jill managed to net $6000 in sales. Realizing she needed substantial funds to scale and advertise in a market geared towards women, Jill decided to look for investors to help her get the word out, increase production and reach more consumers.

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  1. If there are any or one of the kits available, I would love to buy one. Seeing the pitch again tonight I find it strange that the company is no longer in business… such a grand idea.


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