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LifeBelt Update



device that prevents people from driving without seat belts


Robert Allison


$500,000 for 10%







What is Life Belt?

Teen drivers are accountable for the majority of motor vehicle crashes and injuries in the U.S.A. They are notorious in ignoring seat belts for their safety and that of their passengers during driving. Life Belt was invented to ensure teen drivers and passengers wear their safety belts every time they set out to drive.

Once installed, Life Belt disables the car engine until the driver buckles up. If anyone unfastens their safety belt while driving, the radio volume reduces, and an alarm goes off. This groundbreaking product is also convenient for parents with toddlers in the booster seats. An alarm goes off anytime the child manages to disengage the seat belt, drawing the parent’s attention.

Robert Allison invented life Belt in 2009, parents and employees being his prospective buyers. However, he had a plan to develop the product further to be used in school buses. With a Life Belt, the school bus would not start until everyone buckles up. One of Robert’s friends lost a sister through a car crash, which propelled him to innovate Life Belt for safe, convenient driving.

Life Belt Sales

Robert had a vision of installing Life Belt in as many cars as possible. After launching, he established a local shop where he installed the product for $229. However, anyone could purchase these life-savers and install them on their own. Robert later took his life-saving invention to Shark Tank and demonstrated how Life Belt works and why it is needed.

Kevin O’Leary offered to buy the patent at $500,000 while Robert Herjavec raised the offer to $1 million for 100%. However, Allison turned down the offer, leaving the tank with his patent and copyright but without a Shark deal. He argued that his passion for saving lives could allow exchange of this innovation with a massive amount of money.According to Daymond John’s blog, Allison signed a $1.7 million deal with Gillman Automotive Dealership in Houston. Gillman signed the deal intending to be able to install Life Belt into their new and used cars. He also received several orders from national retailers such as Autozone and Hendrick Automotive.

What Happened to Life Belt?

After the million-dollar contract, there have been no updates from either Robert or Gillman about the partnership. The product did not even get to go deeper into development and improvement projects. The official Life Belt page is still up but offers no updates about the product availability and buying options. Additionally, its Facebook page was last updated in 2020. Life Belt briefly appeared online at Safety Mom Direct, but neither of the two companies is still in existence. There are no current reviews on the product, and the current net worth remains unknown.

While it is hard to explain what happened to this brilliant innovation, it is clear that it is not still around. It appears the Life Belt has crashed and burned.

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