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Life Lift Systems Shark Tank Update: What Happened After Shark Tank?




storm shelter bed system


Levi Wilson and Tim Todd


$550,000 for 15%


$550,000 for 25%


Mark Cuban



Company Background

What is Life Lift Systems?

Life Lift Systems is a company from Oklahoma that has created a line of storm shelters that can be incorporated into your home. The unobtrusive nature of their products allows them to double as household items like a workbench or a mattress, with a battery-powered mechanism to quickly convert the space into a storm shelter.

Who Founded Life Lift Systems?

The company was founded by Tim Todd & Levi Wilson in 2018. Today the duo continue to work out of their office in Oklahoma City, working to meet customer demand, develop new products and build a network of dealers and installers with the hopes of expanding beyond where they presently are.

Founder’s Story

As residents of the state of Oklahoma, Tim and Levi have witnessed the toll that weather occurrences can play on people’s livelihood over the course of their life.

Realizing that rain and wind storms were a constant threat, they noticed that accessibility to a shelter is a prevalent problem. Together they created these products and shortly afterward, reached out to the Sharks to assist in getting their product to the people who need it.

Amazingly, the duo had only been operating the business outwardly for 3 months before appearing on the show.

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  1. Hard to believe you would fund a company with the business ethics of these two guys. Established dealers then couldn’t supply them. I was one. Terrible customer service and liars. They owe me for products they bought, converted them to money and now refuses to pay. Almost a year now. See y’all in front of a judge soon. Contact me if you would like the whole story! The product is dangerous to the user.


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