Life Caps Shark Tank Update

Pitchsurvival pill food supplement for emergency situations
EntrepreneurDaryl Stevenett
Asked For$200,000 for 30%

Company Background

What is Life Caps?

Life Caps is a food substitute, survival pill supplement that you keep on you and take during emergencies when access to food may not be available during a prolonged period.

With its combination of super multi-vitamins, an otherwise healthy user can sustain themselves for up to two weeks on the chewable pills and water alone, making it ideal for both civilian and military users too. It is also marketed as a dietary and weight loss supplement that helps you start alert too.

Who Owns Life Caps?

The inventor behind Life Caps is founder Daryl Stevenett, a company he starter in 2008. Daryl has always had a background in music, playing guitar since he was 12, and lists himself as an entrepreneur on LinkedIn.

While Daryl is still listed as the company founder on its website, and the product is still featured on Amazon, it’s unclear his current involvement as of 2021.

Instead, he seems to have primarily focused on his musical career, performing live shows, including on cruise ships while also writing jingles for TV and radio. His website features his upcoming shows, where he also sells his CDs, etc.

Founder’s Story

Daryl got the idea for Life Caps after watching a survival TV documentary where miners in Utah were trapped underground for days without food. Rescuers had to drill through the rock to get food to them while they waited for an extraction plan.

With an idea for pocket-sized sustenance in mind, he reached out to a friend, Russ Bianchi, a product formulater who worked for a nutrition bar company for some guidance.

Daryl hoped to create a pill product that will find its way into every backpack, glove compartment, and home so people won’t be caught in a life-threatening situation due to a catastrophe that cuts off food supplies.

Daryl in combination with Russ managed to go into production and claimed to have sold $400,000 over the space of five years but hadn’t done any official clinical trials and medical proof to back up the products statements.

The product managed to sell on Amazon, however, to mixed reviews. Some were saying it worked; others saying it had no affect whatsoever and caused side-effects—many reviewers warning against the lack of FDA approval.

Feeling he needed the right capital investors to increase marketing, production, conduct clinical research, and development, Daryl started looking for others to come on board.

What Happened After Shark Tank Update

Is Life Caps Still in Business?

Life Caps is out of business in the USA at least. The website is no longer active. Daryl battled to raise any significant capital from investors—mainly in part to any effective testing—and has ceased production of the pills.

The naming rights seem to have been acquired by REJ Diamond Pharmaceutical, a subsidiary of a Philippine company Diamond Laboratories.

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