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water-soluble adhesive for lego pieces


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Hey Lego Lovers!! With the time you spend building mega homes and buildings, you don’t want to just tear them apart. You want to relish in your major feat. Le-Glue could help keep your mini-project together temporarily, allowing you to enjoy your building projects longer. It works by dipping a block in the glue and stick it together. The bond has 12 times the strength of the block but can be pulled apart with warm water. You can use your blocks after every rinse without damage, like new. Le-glue works with many types of blocks, including Mega Blocks. Le-Glue costs $8.99 each, where you can purchase through Shopify.

LeGlue’s Founding Story

The product was created by Tripp Phillips, 13, who created the glue when he was age 9. Tripp’s 3rd grade teacher asked him to write or paper or create an invention, choosing an invention. He realized his frustration with building bricks fall apart easily after finishing his creations. Tripp thought about a glue that could temporarily keep his blocks together to enjoy his design longer, then easily build again. Tripp asked his dad, Leon, a research scientist, to develop the idea. Tripp and Leon researched for similar patent ideas not finding any products like Le-Glue. They filed for the patent, making Tripp the youngest person in history to hold a patent. After filing the patent, Leon, explored ways to create the glue. Tripp brought the finished the product to his teacher, Mrs. Thomson. She entered the invention into the International Torrance Legacy Creative Awards Competition in December 2014. Tripp won first place also beating high school students.

After the competition, Leon invested $1,000 in product development, where Tripp’s little sister, Allee, helped with packaging. Once they sold $50,000 worth of units, they went to the local manufacturers in their town of Dalton, GA, for business expansion. Tripp and Leon then entered Pitch Dalton Innovation Accelerator (PitchDIA), a competition for local entrepreneurs, to win valuable services and $5,000 prize. Tripp won the competition, after a 15-minute presentation, as the only child competitor out of the 60 entries.

A week before the PitchDIA competition, Leon got a call from two business owners about a casting call for Shark Tank in their area. Tripp and Leon went to the tryouts, impressing the casting director, Miss Mindy. Two weeks later, Shark Tank called inviting Trip to pitch Le-Glue on the show. Tripp, his father and sister pitched Le-Glue on the Season 10 premiere in 2018, inking a deal with Kevin O’Leary. The partnership is to have a toy brick maker sell Le-Glue with his bricks.

Where is Le-Glue Now?

Since the show aired, Le-Glue stated that their revenue increased by 500%. Tripp has also been recognized by ABC’s 20/20 for having one of the greatest pitches of all time. The company reports generating $14,998 a month in sales, $500,000 overall in sales. The company reports making hand sanitizers, with their glue-making machines for first responders and health care workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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