Ledge Pillow

PitchMemory foam pillow designed for women who sleep on their chests
EntrepreneurAmanda Schlechter
Asked For$30,000 for 25%
DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
StatusOut of Business

Company Background

What is Ledge Pillow?

The Ledge Pillow, also referred to as the “boob pillow,” is a memory foam pillow designed to allow those with larger chests to sleep more comfortably on their stomachs. The product’s target audience includes those with and without implants, those who are nursing, and those who are recovering from breast surgery.

Who is the Ledge Pillow Founder?

The creator of the Ledge Pillow is Amanda Schlechter, a practicing attorney and resident of West Palm Beach, Florida. Amanda always dreamt of starting her own business prior to practicing law, but wasn’t exactly sure what she wanted to do entrepreneurially and so decided to wait for inspiration to strike.

Founder’s Story

Amanda came up with the idea for the Ledge Pillow after she personally underwent breast augmentation surgery. A habitual stomach sleeper, she suddenly found herself unable to rest comfortably.

She tried using standard pillows and folded towels to no avail as they respectively didn’t provide enough support and weren’t wholly comfortable.

Frustrated, she decided to create a pillow of her own—one designed specifically to support breasts.

The Ledge Pillow was officially patented in 2001; and after years of trial and error with various designs and materials, the company was opened for business in 2008.

Ledge Pillow Shark Tank Update

Is the Ledge Pillow Still in Business?

The Ledge Pillow appears to be out of business. Their formal website, which was used to sell the product, is no longer operational and their social media accounts, namely Facebook, have not been updated since 2012.

There is a degree of continued interest in the product; however, there ultimately weren’t enough allocated advertisement and marketing funds to support the endeavor.

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