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Kudo Banz Shark Tank Update: What Happened After Shark Tank?




kid’s wristband with collectable charms earned for good behavior


Amanda Naqvi and Hamza Naqvi


$150,000 for 10%





Company Background

What is Kudo Banz?

Kudo Banz is a company that seeks to help kids become great listeners and well-behaved without constant timeouts and yelling. It uses a band, which kids wear on their wrists, to remind them of their aim. Good behavior earns more charms, keeping kids motivated to improve their behavior.

Who Founded Kudo Banz?

Kudo Banz is a creative invention started by Amanda Naqvi. She is an entrepreneur and a mother of three children. Since Amanda was a kid, she has always loved to create and design things on the computer, and this is how she came up with Kudo Banz, a company she still runs today.

Founder’s Story

The motivation behind Kudo Banz was due to Amanda’s need to become a better parent to her eldest son, who was three by then. She needed a tool to motivate him to be a good listener without affecting his confidence. This is how she decided to use her design skills to develop Kudo charms, a band that kids wear on the wrist.

Whenever a kid behaves well, they earn kudos, which they can change as they like. The Kudo charms come in different colors and designs to ensure all kids get their taste and preference. Hard work and determination are what have kept this brand growing.

Nine years later, Amanda’s husband, along with her kids, convinced her to join Shark Tank in hopes of getting a shark to invest in their idea.

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