Kodiak Cakes



high-protein, whole-grain pancake, flapjack and waffle mix


Joel Clark and Cameron Smith


$500,000 for 10%





Company Background

What is Kodiak Cakes?

Kodiak Cakes make plant based flapjack mix and frozen waffles. Their unique approach to creating healthier flapjacks and waffles includes using pea protein in addition to whey. The aim of Kodiak Cakes is to provide a plant based breakfast that does not sacrifice taste to appeal to the health-conscious eater.

Who Founded Kodiak Cakes?

Joel Clark is the co-founder and CEO of Kodiak Cakes. Prior to being a business owner, he attended the University of Utah, earning a BA in Economics. Later he attained an MBA from Oxford University in England. While helping his brother Jon with the early stages of Kodiak Cakes, he also worked as a consultant. Today Joel is still running the growing company.

Founder’s Story

Joel first sold his mother’s pancake mix at the age of 8, pulling his wares in a wagon through his neighborhood. His brother Jon actually began the company based on their mother’s pancake recipe that Joel sold door to door as a child. The brothers joined forces on launching the newly packaged product while Joel was in college in 1995.

They knew that creating a healthy and non-GMO product would be a welcome change to what was already on the store shelves. They started selling the mix at ski towns, and eventually began to branch out.

Jon eventually stepped away from the company, and Joel dropped his consultant jobs to focus solely on Kodiak Cakes in 2004. The mix made its way onto the shelves of in 2012 Target, two years before Joel appeared on Shark Tank.

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