PitchLip balms in fun flavors on each end
EntrepreneurDallas Robinson and Mike Buonomo
Asked For$200,000 for 20%
Deal $200,000 for 40%
SharkMark Cuban

Company Background

What is Kisstixx?

Kisstixx lip balm is a high quality lip balm that comes packaged in two compatible flavors, one for you and one for your partner. When the two flavors combine, they create a chemistry that leaves a pleasurable tingling sensation. The lip balm comes in flavor combinations such as: Sweet and Sour, Strawberry and Chocolate, and Peaches and cream.

Who Owns Kisstixx?

The Kisstixx, L.L.C is owned by Dallas Robinson and Mike Buonomo who met as students at Utah Valley University. They design, develop and launch lip balm and cosmetic products to large retail, e-commerce and private label distribution channels. They also manage and hire employees and are in charge of business activities including marketing.

Founder’s Story

Kisstixx founders, Dallas Robinson and Mike Buonomo were initially making sweet MySpace profiles for people. When that didn’t pay much, the young entrepreneurs turned their dorm room at the university into a makeshift chemistry laboratory. Part of their inspiration, as they say, was that they wanted to kiss all the pretty girls.

So, the aim of the product was to stir up a chemistry between lovers and give a pleasurable sensation when two flavors combine. Dallas and Mike later came up with a product which has been a game changer when it comes to kissing-kisstixx.

This is no surprise at all as Kisstixx was made with kissing in mind. Needless to say, Dallas and Mike are now more popular with the ladies. They have developed some amazing flavors like Strawberry and Chocolate, Fire and ice, just to mention a few.

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