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Keen Home – Smart Home HVAC System – Update



app controlled smart air ventillations


Nayeem Hussain and Ryan Fant


$750,000 for 10%


$750,000 for 13%


Robert Herjavec

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1 thought on “Keen Home – Smart Home HVAC System – Update”

  1. It’s difficult to express how incredibly saddened and frustrated I am with this company, and I feel like there is zero recourse. I don’t know where to leave my feedback so it is seen by others. Leaving feedback on the app does not even begin to cover my frustration.

    Ever since learning about the Keen smart vents I knew this is something my home needed. For two years I’ve wanted these, and with a recent home addition I had two choices – get a second AC unit or manage the airflow of my home more efficiently. I pulled the trigger on the smart vents and I was incredibly excited.

    It’s my excitement that doomed me. There were so many warning signs and I should have seen them.

    First – they had confusing and misleading documentation. They haven’t updated their product to work with Google. Their documentation on EcoBee indicated that to manage the home correctly I wouldn’t be able to use Keen temperature sensors, that I’d have to buy EcoBee temperature sensors. They encouraged me to buy the Keen ones anyway and said it would do the same thing. That was a lie.

    Second – I selected a product bundle but it kept disappearing at check out. They told me this was a known issue and that I’d just have to buy the products separately. They didn’t seem too concerned that I couldn’t order the bundle.

    Third – I asked them before I made my purchase about the cloud integration. I asked what would happen if their servers were down. They said the vents would continue to work but “without the automation with the schedule or temperature limit.” I’ve had the vents since the end of March 2020. In the two weeks I have had the vents the servers have been down constantly. This has caused situations where all the vents end up closed in the middle of the night and the system screaming because there’s no airflow in the house. I’ve had constant issues with the vents not following the schedule because the servers are down.

    Fourth – support is utterly, completely unreachable. It takes a week for them to respond, and when they do it’s with a canned message about relaying it to their developers and they’ll be in touch in 12-24 hours.

    Fifth – I’ve had a defective vent since almost the first week. It just stopped working. I’ve followed all of their FAQ advice to trouble shoot it because no one from support would get back to me. I’ve tried three times to open a warranty ticket to replace it and I only get a response about the developers looking into the issue. I even got a response five minutes ago that my issue is now resolved!

    Sixth – when they do fix their server issues, they tell you that you have to change your password. Why on earth would that make a difference? What does my password have to do with the servers being down or being up? Why do I have to change my password to resync my automation with my app? This seems like a HUGE development and security issue. The fact that my password plays such a pivotal role in the integration tells me that they are not likely protecting my account in a secure manner.

    Seventh – the app is grossly out of date and does not work properly under the current iOS version. The support section of the app opens the keyboard, but if you try to type more than two sentences into the app the keyboard closes. You can reopen it and keep typing, but it will close again after a few more words. It’s infuriating and it could have been forgivable if not for everything else that had gone wrong. You can’t even close the support page in the app without closing the entire app because the X button in the corner doesn’t work under the current iOS version.

    I would return the entire system if I could, but I can’t even reach them to replace the one vent, much less a dozen. I am heartbroken, and I know that sounds like a pathetic exaggeration, but I plummeted from an incredible level of joy and excitement to finally make this huge purchase to the realization that I have been swindled. And short of hiring a lawyer I have no recourse.


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