Toilet Timer




5 minute sand timer that helps you time your bathroom breaks


Adam Stephey and Katie Stephey


$200,000 for 10%


$200,000 for 25%


Mark Cuban



Company Background

What is Toilet Timer?

Designed primarily as a funny gag gift is the Katamco Toilet Timer. Something you’d give to your dad, husband, or significant other. It’s a cleverly designed sand timer for any “poo-crastinator” that times out after five minutes of toilet time. An ideal gift for someone who likes to escape loved ones in the bathroom to catch up on uninterrupted screen time while taking longer than necessary on the task.

Who Founded Toilet Timer?

Founder Adam Stephey owns the limited liability company, Katamco. He admits to being a creator and designer since he was a young boy playing with Lego blocks. Or helping his grandfather build furniture while Adam was in his teens.

Adam is also a self-taught 3D drafter. Like most young boys during the late 90s, he grew up playing video games on Nintendo and Sega game systems. Seeing a need in the market led him to develop a line of cleaning products called 1UPcard for these now retro machines.

This marked the beginning of his designing entrepreneurship business. Adam lives with his wife, Katie, and their three children. And he continues to think up new ideas to market on his website.

Founder’s Story

The idea for the Toilet Timer started when Adam’s wife told him that’s he’s spending too much time in the bathroom on the toilet for what should be a straightforward task. She said, “Just poop or get off the pot!”

Being a self-taught 3D printer draftsman, Adam decided to do some 3D print prototypes of timers to remind himself to hurry up. And so began much deliberation and procrastination, which Adam acknowledges he’s good at, and finally the Toliet Timer was born. Adam then managed to get it successfully funded on Kickstarter not long after to begin production.

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