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Ionic Ear Shark Tank Update: What Happened to the Bluetooth Implant After Shark Tank?

Pitch surgically implant bluetooth device for your ear
EntrepreneurDarrin Johnson
Asked For$1,000,000 for 15%
DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
StatusOut of Business

Company Background

Ionic Ear Bluetooth Implant from Shark Tank Season 1 Episode 1

What is Ionic Ear?

The Ionic Ear is a bluetooth device designed to be implanted into the neck at an angle just below the ear, where it then connects to the ear canal. It’s purpose was to remove the need for cumbersome bluetooth headsets that tend to become dislodged while moving.

Who Owns Ionic Ear?

Darrin Johnson is the founder and inventor of the Ionic Ear. Darrin was a communications technologist before he began pursuit of the Ionic Ear. The project has been defunct since being shot down by the Sharks and not much is known about his current entrepreneurial projects.

What Happened After Shark Tank Update

Did Ionic Ear Get a Deal on Shark Tank?

After what might be the shortest pitch in Shark Tank history, Darrin Johnson left the Shark Tank without a deal.

Is Ionic Ear Still In Business?

Since appearing on Shark Tank, a number of publications have tried reaching out to the inventor, but its appears both Darrin and the Ionic Ear have completely vanished.

Revenue, Sales and Valuation

Darrin entered the Shark Tank with a proposed valuation of $6.66 million before his idea was quickly laughed off by the Sharks.

It remains unclear how far into development the Ionic Ear went but to date there have been no sales and the company is estimated to have a net worth of $0.

Review: Was the Ionic Ear Really Such a Bad Idea?

Today, the idea doesn’t seem so far-fetched with the use of cochlear implants in medicine for the hearing impaired, or even radical new technologies like Elon Musk’s Neuralink – a device implanted into the brain that allows its wearer to communicate with machines.

Aside from the inherent risks of surgery, there remains much controversy surrounding the potential health risks of Bluetooth radiation.

Even if the idea had some merit, it would take a lot of marketing and money to get people comfortable with the idea and necessity of a bluetooth implant.

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