iFork: Interlocking Utensil Set

Pitch interlocking utensils, cups and plates
EntrepreneurKyle Donovan
Asked For$100,000 for 5%
Deal $100,000 for 15%
SharkBarbara Corcoran
StatusIn Business

Company Background

What is iFork?

Imagine this scenario: You’ve loaded up your plate of food in the kitchen, clutching it along with your utensils, you grab a glass full of your favorite tipple with the other hand, head to the TV room, only to be stymied by a closed-door! iFork solves this by creating a multi-faceted one size fits all dining combo set.

The plate comes with special locking inserts for your utensils, and your cup fits snugly under the plate—leaving one hand free. Best of all, germaphobes will love it too, as the areas of your eating utensils that come in contact with the mouth never touch any bacteria-contaminated dining table due to the unique design.

Who is the iFork Founder?

Kyle Donovan is the founder of iFork. A resident of Brooklyn, New York, Kyle worked in a photo lab before opening his photo studio.

He then began dabbling in the stock market, and the profits he made allowed him to segue into starting his own magazine. Kyle is now the founder of The Incubator, spelled with two C’s that functions as a media and social networking platform for young talent.

Founder’s Story

Kyle came up with the idea in 2014 while eating out one evening. It bugged him that his cutlery was in constant contact with the table—and who knows who’s been seated there before him!

So, hoping for a more hygienic solution, he began to create a product for this. He had to do a lot of research as plastic molding, production, and marketing were not his forte. Satisfied with what he came up with, he launched a Kickstarter campaign the following year to raise funds for iCup and iPlate to compliment the set.

Although he missed his target, he eventually pushed through to production. He then got a lucky break; Walmart picked him to stock the product in 500 stores as a trial.

He sold about $25,000 worth of inventory, but unfortunately, it wasn’t enough for them to renew the contract—this also used up all 18,000 units of his stock.

So, to get production back on track and take his company in the direction he envisioned, he started looking for investors.

iFork Shark Tank Update

The company remains in business though Kyle’s link is unclear. Neither the website nor his LinkedIn profile makes mention of his current involvement. However, it is undoubtedly benefiting from sales due to the current pandemic and the hygienic benefits of its products.

You may purchase them online at their website or e-retailers like Amazon, which sell individually, or in sets. On their website, they also list restaurants that stock their items.

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