I Want to Draw a Cat For You

Pitch Custom cat drawings
Entrepreneur Steve Gadlin
Asked For$10,000 for 25%
Deal$25,000 for 33%
SharkMark Cuban

Company Background

What is I Want to Draw a Cat For You?

I Want to Draw a Cat for You is all about fun and creative cat figure drawings of all sorts of poses, adventures, and scenarios. You can purchase pre-drawn fun and colorful designs on the website, unique designs from birthday-themed celebrations to anniversaries and special occasions.

You can even get a unique custom-made design ordered for any scenario. They are colored, numbered, and personally signed by Steve. You can then print them off to use as birthday cards, etc.

Who Owns I Want to Draw a Cat For You?

Steve Gadlin is the founder and chief designer behind I Want to Draw a Cat For You. A man of many talents, he’s a web designer, comedian, writer, and host of a weekly program that conducts interviews, namely Talkin’ Funny — available through YouTube.

After sketching over 18,000 drawings over nearly ten years, Steve decided to shift his focus to other projects he has on the go. While still selling his designs online, he’s now only taking customized cat stick figure drawing requests through Cameo. He also does guest public speaking events.

Founder’s Story

The whole idea for the business started when Steve pondered one night about how he could turn his designs into a marketable brand with a following. He came up with the idea of a family-friendly stick-like cat figure doing sorts of things. He wanted to create a buzz and a market around them, and then sell the drawings online, in a similar vein to a newspaper cartoonist who has a following.

Once the premise for the idea began, he then started looking for investors so that he could focus on creating the rather time-consuming drawings.

What Happened After Shark Tank Update

Is I Want to Draw a Cat For You Still in Business?

I Want to Draw a Cat for You founder Steve Gadlin still operates his business from his website. He offers a wide selection of pre-drawn images for purchase, ranging from birthday party themes to going on holiday, etc. Steve is no longer taking personalized new drawing requests directly through his website; however, you can reach out to him on Cameo to place an order. Steve, in addition to his career in web design, also focuses on hosting his weekly podcast.

While each cartoonist offers their unique style, those looking for something similar have plenty of choices. The popular freelance website Fiverr enables many offering similar services to seek employment. For instance, a simple search for cartoon cat drawings yielded over 900 results.

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