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Hydroviv Shark Tank Update: What Happened After Shark Tank?




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Eric Roy


$400,000 for 10%


$400,000 for 20%


Mark Cuban



Company Background

What is Hydroviv?

Hydroviv is a company of experienced scientists offering personalized water filters that are optimized for the customer’s local water conditions. The company offers fridge and ice maker filters, filters for showers, and filters for drinking water.

Who Owns Hydroviv?

Hydroviv was founded by Eric Roy in 2015. Roy holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and graduated from the University of Maine with a Ph.D. in Sensor Science Engineering and Informatics. Prior to Hydroviv, Roy was working as a Product Manager for Rigaku Analytical Devices. Today he remains Chief Scientist of Hydroviv and also works as a Strategic Program Manager for Cobalt Light Systems Limited.

Founder’s Story

Hydroviv first started as a charitable effort. Roy was inspired to create Hydroviv due to the devastating water crisis in Flint, Michigan. Because of the abnormally high levels of lead in the water, consumer-grade filters were not able to remove it all and get the water to drinkable quality.

He saw all of the people in need and knew he needed to take action. Using his scientific knowledge, Roy began developing high-capacity lead removal filters and donating them to the residents of Flint.

He then developed a business plan that involved assessing the city’s drinking water based on local data and building a custom-designed filter.

What Happened After Shark Tank Update

Is Hydroviv Still in Business?

Hydroviv remains in business today and continues to partner with large donation programs to provide quality water to those in need, bringing in an annual revenue of roughly $1 million. The company continues to grow in popularity with no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

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