How to Curb a Dragon Sized Sweet Tooth

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Healthiest Candy in the World

SmartSweets is the candy company fighting to naturally kick sugar off the candy scene.

Each bag of SmartSweets gummy bears contains a full 28g serving of dietary fibre, 3g of sugar and are non-gmo and gluten free with no sugar alcohols or artificial sweeteners.

At 22 years old, SmartSweets founder Tara Bosch, decided that after years of an unhealthy relationship with sugar, she would no longer let her sweet tooth control her life.

In 2015, Tara began experimenting in her kitchen and with just gummy bear mold and the power of Google, started what would become one of the healthiest candies on the market.

It wasn’t long after, before Tara enrolled herself into an online course on how to start a food business. And before long, she’d be well on her way to becoming a disruptive force in the candy industry.

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