Hotels By Day

Pitchconveniently book a day room at a hotel
EntrepreneurYannis Moati and Brian Dass
Asked For$750,000 for 10%
DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
StatusIn Business

Company Background

What is Hotels By Day?

Hotels by Day is a unique hotel business. When placing your reservation, there are no commitments to stay overnight. You can, in fact, reserve your room just for the day.

Rates are much cheaper, and the service is perfect for business travelers and those looking for a “daycation” away from home.

Who Founded Hotels By Day?

Yannis Moati, the founder and owner, was born in Tunisia. He was in his teens when he started his career as a tour guide in Europe, mainly doing tours in Italy. From there, he became the co-founder of a worldwide travel agency before he served as a director for another travel company in New York.

Founder’s Story

He is the winner of the prestigious American Society of Travel Advisors award for his work in the hospitality industry. His education in international business gave him the expertise needed to launch his new Hotels By Day company.

Yannis Moati’s early years in his home country gave him a love of history which inspired his interest in the travel and tourism industries. Moati understood that his customers only needed a day room at a hotel without having the expense and hassle of booking an overnight stay. Hotels around the world began to lose valuable business as rooms sat unoccupied for days at a time, and he wanted to change that.

His goal was to develop a business model that’s easy and convenient for both client and hotel. He understood that clients would benefit from the convenience of renting during the day, but he also knew that hotels would be able to gain more business and revenue from the new model. Because of his creativity and passion, travel and tourism have definitely changed for the better.

Hotels By Day Shark Tank Update

Did Hotels By Day Get a Deal on Shark Tank?

On Shark Tank Season 8 Episode 17, Yannis Moati and Brian Dass entered the Tank seeking $750,000 for 10% but left without a deal.

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