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Hopscotch Game Shark Tank Business

Hopscotch Shark Tank Summary

EpisodeSeason 12 Episode 15
Businesseducational app for young entrepreneurs to code and run their own online games
Entrepreneur(s)Samantha John
Asked For $400,000 for 4%
Accepted Offer$550,000 for 11%
SharkMark Cuban
Business StatusIn Business
Net Worth

Hopscotch After Shark Tank Update

Did Hopscotch Get a Deal on Shark Tank?

On Shark Tank Season 12 Episode 15, Samantha John entered the Tank seeking $400,000 for 4% of her programming app for kids, Hopscotch.

Impressed by her entrepreneurial savvy, Mark Cuban extended an offer of $550,000 for 11% and a deal was struck.

The company remains operational and the app continues to do extremely well. The team behind the app has expanded to include a number of talented and passionate individuals, including product leader and software manager Liz Robuck and creative and Princeton graduate in Computer Science Yuanyuan Zhao.

Hopscotch is currently available via the Apple Store; and while the company boasts 200,000 active users each month, the managing team looks forward to further expanding the app’s reach, impact, and education prowess.

About Hopscotch

What is Hopscotch?

Hopscotch is a coding app designed specifically for children and teens. The app allows users to create games, stories, and art, while developing problem solving skills and exploring individual creativity.
iPad and iPhone compatible, the app seeks to make education fun and to make fun educational.
Hopscotch has won numerous awards since its inception, including the Best App in Education – Tech from Parents Magazine, the Gold Award from Children’s Technology Review, and Editors’ Pick from ADS All Digital School.

Who is the Hopscotch Founder?

Hopscotch was created by CEO Samantha John. Samantha received her bachelor’s degree from Columbia University where she majored in Applied Mathematics and minored in English and Comparative Literature.
After graduating, she was an Entrepreneur in Residence at YouWeb Incubator before working as a programmer for Pivotal Labs.
While she had been passionate about programming and development for a number of years prior, one year into her professional programming work, she went on to formally found the now award-winning app, Hopscotch.

Founder’s Story

Growing up, Samantha perceived working with computers as being for boys, not for girls; due to this, she didn’t discover her passion for programming and coding until her senior year of college.
She took a computer science class and was surprised to realize how inventive and exciting programming and coding can be.
While working professionally in the field, she searched for ways to make her involvement in the fields more widely beneficial and accessible for others, particularly for young girls like she once was.
After a significant period of research and development, the Hopscotch app came to fruition.

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