Hoopmaps: Pickup Basketball App

Pitchapp that helps users find nearby pickup basketball games
EntrepreneurDonte Morris and Dominic Morris
Asked For$100,000 for 5%
DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
StatusIn Business

What is HoopMaps?

If you are a basketball game lover, you know that nobody likes to miss a good game. Hoopmaps make it easier for you to discover, join, and create basketball games. HoopMap is an app available to android and IOS users that help them find nearby pickup basketball games. It provides you with a list of pickup games, information on where the game is, who is playing, and when. The location-based application makes it easy to find games, share with friends, and make other new friends in the process.

So, How Did All It Begin?

Donte and Dominic Morris are twin brothers who were having a hard time finding a pickup basketball game. After taking a three months coding course, Donte was able to create a program. The duo aimed at offering a subscription service that exposes users to an unlimited amount of games in free downloads. Shortly after the application launch, they had already gathered 5000 users and 1000 daily users. The brothers originally appeared on Shark Tank shortly after launching their application in 2016. They were asking for $100,000 for a 5% equity with their company. Although they did not close the deal, they received great advice, pointing them in the right direction.

HoopMaps Business Partners

One of the surest growth strategies in business is through partnership. The brothers have partnered with BIG3 and professional 3 on 3, founded by ice cube the rapper. Since these products share a similar target to HoopMaps, the partners provide brand marketing and information at their games. in return, the duo tells their users about the partners, their services, and every time they are in town. HoopMaps has also partnered with U.S. Cryotherapy and college wellness centers.

HoopMaps after Shark Tank Tub Down

Appearing in international media such as Shark Tank and SportCenter exposed HoopMaps to tremendous opportunities. Thanks to the exposure, the application gathered 90000 users across eleven countries outside the United States.

The brothers got to work with top leading companies, thus forming reliable and robust business connections.

The brothers are stepping into the future with the relentless energy to build a ‘version 2 of the program. The new and upcoming model will be more enhanced and advanced for quality performance.

With this, we shall reach far and beyond the basketball community by providing a universal interaction experience. One of the company’s most significant business prospective is growing into a big brand that will work as a guiding light to the younger companies.

Reviews on HoopMaps’ Services

Many people who have used the application agree that HoopMaps is a great innovation. However, it still needs some fine tunings crowned by technological advancement to make it more relevant and efficient.

The login process to the application is slow, and most times, it does not open at all. For these reasons, the application is yet to meet the quality standards leading to poor services and low customer satisfaction. Due to low-quality services, HoopMaps has a low rating of 3.2.

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