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Josh Margulis and Sara Margulis


$400,000 for 10%


$400,000 until $1.2 million is recouped


Kevin O’Leary



Company Background

What is Honeyfund?

Are you about to walk down the aisle? Then you need to know about Honeyfund, planning a wedding can be quite expensive. Thankfully, Honeyfund can help alleviate that burden.

Honeyfund offers a crowdfunding facility for weddings. You simply create an account and then ask your family and friends to contribute to your big day. The contributions can fund your honeymoon or anything else that you desire.

Who Owns Honeyfund?

Josh and Sara Margulis are the creative minds behind Honeyfund. Before founding Honeyfund, the Margulis were on separate career paths. Josh was employed as a software engineer, and he worked for different companies, including; Adobe and Xerox. On the other hand, Sara, an MBA marketer, was engaged in online marketing and content writing. Currently, Sara is the CEO, while Josh is the CTO of Honeyfund.

Founder’s Story

The Margulis were motivated to start Honeyfund due to their experience. The couple wanted to visit Fiji for their honeymoon. However, when they looked for wedding registries online, they hardly found a suitable one; the existing sites were expensive.

The couple decided to create their website, and the reception was amazing. They got donations amounting to $5100, and that marked the beginning of this brilliant idea. As many couples often receive similar gifts, Honeyfund creates a solution to this ‘problem’.

Through Honeyfind, the couple can start a registry by getting an account. Guests are then invited to contribute towards the couple’s wedding. After their hassle to find a cheap wedding registry, the Margulis ensured that Honeyfind is affordable. The basic package on the platform is free, and they only make money through advertisements on the website and on upgraded packages.

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