Hatch Baby

Pitchsmart sound machine and night light
EntrepreneurAnn Crady-Weiss and David Weiss
Asked For$250,000 for 2.5%
Deal$250,000 convertible note at $7.5 million
SharkChris Sacca
StatusIn Business

Company Background

What is Hatch Baby?

Hatch Baby, now known as Hatch, sells a range of products for adults, children, and babies that help you sleep better. These bedside machines emit soothing sounds during the night, give off various shades and colors in the form of night lights, and double as an alarm clock to which you can set sleep patterns. They’re also programmable from your smartphone. The Rest+, specifically for babies and young children, also comes with an audio monitor and voice control.

Who Owns Hatch Baby?

Wife and husband team, Ann Crady Weiss, and Dave Weiss are the co-founders of Hatch Baby in 2013. Ann was previously a senior vice president of consumer experience at BabyCenter.

A graduate of Georgetown University Law Centre, she remains in her position as CEO of Hatch. Dave got his BA in Math and Computer Science from the State University of New York at Binghampton. Likewise, he also worked at BabyCenter in an executive position and remains with the Hatch as COO.

Founder’s Story

Ann and Dave met at BabyCenter, and jointly they ran teams that focused on all aspects of the business such as product, engineering, editorial, design, community, and marketing.

However, they were both entrepreneurs at heart, passionate about helping people and solving real-life problems. Like any new mom, Ann was suffering from long nights awake with her first baby.

Likewise, Dave was battling to sleep, only worsening his prior insomnia issues. So together, they conceptualized a sleeping product to help them sleep better, beginning with a product they named Rest.

Now, with a new baby and understanding parenting challenges, they envisioned a further product called Hatch Baby. It’s an advanced innovative changing pad for toddlers.

Through a connection to your smartphone, it helps you keep track of the baby’s weight, feeding schedule, and other such habits and patterns. Now all they needed was an investor to help with production and take their ideas to market.

What Happened After Shark Tank Update

Is Hatch Baby Still in Business?

Hatch Baby, rebranded as Hatch, remains in business, employing around 60, with further investment and funding coming from Amazon—to add additional content to its Alexa-based voice interactive service.

Additionally, this is in conjunction with their expanded product offering in Rest+ for babies and Restore for adults. Similarly to purchasing its products on Amazon, you can buy them directly off the website.

In terms of competitors, Calm, a user interface app, would be one of Hatch’s competitors, particularly in the adult market. It does much of the same thing by using your smartphone and not through the purchasing of another device.

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