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Guzzle Buddy Shark Tank Update: What Happened After Shark Tank?




drink accessory that turns a wine bottle into a glass


Jennifer Sullivan and Randy Rothfus


$400,000 for 10%


$400,000 for 25%


Daymond John



Company Background

What is Guzzle Buddy?

Simply plug it and chug it aptly describes the Guzzle Buddy. The perfect solution for those who are too lazy to pour the wine from the bottle into a glass. Making drinking from the bottle classy, you merely screw on their patented glass-shaped tops to the wine bottle and start drinking. No spillage or mess afterward.

Who Founded Guzzle Buddy?

Founding the business is co-creators, Randy Rothfus and Jennifer Sullivan, a sister and brother-in-law team. They have known each other since their playschool days. Being mutual lovers of wine, they were both looking for a fun and classy way to drink wine directly from the bottle.

Founder’s Story

The idea for the business started when Jennifer was watching a sitcom one night and noticed the main character drinking wine from a bottle. Intriguingly the bottle seemed to have a glass attached. It didn’t seem to exist oddly enough, to her and Randy’s surprise. After endlessly searching online for the product’s name. As they both liked the concept, they decided to just make it themselves. And so began months of working on it, and the Guzzle Buddy was born.

Its design is of borosilicate glass and now comes in nine different shapes and designs. Its easy-to-use, plug-and-drink concept made it a massive hit on Amazon. They sold out their entire inventory within just a matter of days once they first launched it on the online retailer. Realizing its success and the potential for more, they soon moved into production full-time. They promoted it on TV shows, in magazines and were shipping internationally not long after, thanks to its popularity.

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