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blue light glasses for reducing eye strain


Joe Croft


$750,000 for 5%


$375,000 + $375,000 loan at 8% interest for 8%


Lori Greiner



Did you know that eye strain is a common condition in 70% of U.S adult digital users? While staying off your mobile, tablet, or computer screen is next to impossible; it is highly unlikely that the trend will go down anytime soon unless you invest in a pair of GUNNAR blue blocked glasses. From providing you with a better focus on reducing eye strain, nothing can compare to the perks Gunnar Optiks has to offer.

About Gunnar Optiks

Due to frequent complaints about the increase in eye strains and loss of focus when using blue-light devices such as computers, phones, and TV screens, Gunnar Optiks decided to invent blue-blocked glasses. They come in variants of gaming, computing, prescription, sunglasses, and even reading glasses. Specially made with patented blue light lens technology, the glasses are designed to prevent eye strain cases, giving you a sharp focus when you are staring through the screen. Since they have been in the market since 2006, you can rest assured that your optical needs will be addressed. The benefits of wearing Gunnar glasses include:

  • Blocks harmful blue light is the visible light spectrum segment from the sun and digital devices that bears a lot of energy.
  • Reduced eye strain and improved visual focus
  • Limits the blue light exposure that suppresses the natural sleep hormone known as melatonin

About the Founder

Gunnar Optiks was founded by Joe Croft, specializing in manufacturing blue light blocking light glasses to address eye strain and other eye conditions. When Joe Craft pitched at Shark Tank back in 2008, he asked for $750,000 in exchange for 5% shares of the company. His pitch demonstration on how effective the eyewear was won the heart of one of the sharks- Lori Greiner. He got $375,000 + $370,000 loan at 8% interest for 8%.

Gunnar Optiks is currently in business, with eyewear products being sold online on Amazon at unbeatable prices. As new technology keeps coming out, the company keeps finding ways of adapting to the changes.

What is next for Gunnar Optiks?

Any product that gets an average review above 4.5 stars on Amazon is considered as a best seller. Well, Gunnar Optiks is just one such product that has transformed many eyeglass users’ lives across the globe. Most of its users have come out to praise the company owing to its rebate and its ability to keep evolving as advanced technology keeps coming out. Thanks to its digitalized aspects and sun protecting properties, eye strain cases will be a thing of the past.

Recently, the company announced its new line of eyewear that will prevent emery blue lighting. The primary goal of launching the new product is for you to enjoy its utility factor and the modern feel of daily wear. The good news is you can buy your eyewear on the Amazon website at prices ranging from $49.99 to $99.99. Will there be any new product launched soon? You can never know unless the company launches new releases in the future.

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