Guard Llama: Safety App

Pitchhandheld personal security device and subscription service that sends police to your exact location in the click of a button
EntrepreneurJoe Parisi and Nick Nevarez
Asked For $100,000 for 5%
Deal$100,000 loan for 18% + $2 royalty per unit sold until repaid
SharkBarbara Corcoran
StatusOut of Business

Company Background

What is Guard Llama?

Guard Llama is a safety device that works through the Bluetooth signal on your phone. If you’re in an emergency, you merely press the button twice, notifying both the police and ambulance services through the emergency dispatch center.

Your photo is sent, along with your medical information, while also informing your family and friends. Through the device, emergency responders can locate you within nine feet using GPS tracking.

Who are the Guard Llama Founders?

Guard Llama was founded by Joseph Parisi from Chicago in 2015. Joseph is a graduate of Northern University Illinois with a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy.

He worked for an accounting firm before starting the business. Since his arrest in 2019 for drug-related charges, Joseph has remained out of the spotlight. He is still listed on LinkedIn as the company founder.

Founder’s Story

He came up with the idea when he felt he saw a gap in the market for personal security devices. During his university days, fellow alumni were involved in abductions and school shooting incidents.

While it’s easy to phone 911 in the case of an emergency, it’s not always feasible in a split-second life or death situation.

Having a device that you can quickly double-tap does a far better job. His initial prototype device was called EduProtect, and he raised funds through crowdsourcing to develop it before pivoting to Guard Llama.

He attracted customers through digital marketing or in-person sales meetings at offices or vendor displays and managed to gain about 2000 users.

Realizing it wasn’t enough of a member base to scale the product, he set about looking for serious investors.

Guard Llama Shark Tank Update

Did Guard Llama Get a Deal on Shark Tank?

On Shark Tank Season 8 Episode 21, Joe Parisi and Nick Nevarez accepted an offer of $100,000 loan for 18% + $2 royalty per unit sold until repaid, from Barbara Corcoran.

Is Guard Llama Still in Business?

The company appears to be out of business despite an active website. They had partnered with a few other brands since its inception, employing a workforce, and even attracting some sizeable investors.

They’ve seemingly faded on the social media side of things too. Numerous customer complaints, complaints from former employees and a drug related arrest in 2019 for Joseph haven’t helped the company cause. The Better Business Bureau advises against using them.

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